The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary Genius

Nice review of a most promising sounding sports title by Carlo Ancelotti here.

…The book is full of self-effacing humour too. When Chelsea win their first trophy in the first game of his first season as manager, the Community Shield, he wonders what people think climbing the stairs from the Wembley pitch. ‘I found out soon enough: I have to lose weight. Jesus, yes, I felt like I was climbing Everest.’

I have always admired his shirts, jumpers and ties, an almost seamless transition from Avram there (interruptus managerio fantastica track suiticus: Big Phil; though perhaps Ancelotti’s days under Emporor Roman, or Chance, as we call him round ours, are near their end too, according to today’s press.). This book looks a possible Christmas stocking filler, or, under the economic constraints, I’ll take it as the whole present.

Image sourced courtesy and © of Ben Keane’s picture library

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2 Responses to The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary Genius

  1. OS says:

    I like him. He’s definitely La Costra Nosa.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Same as TFP.

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