Is a very good scoreline for the visiting team and a pretty unusual one when Stoke are the guests. What has happened? We have gone down the road to the Hawthorns is what. Any season in which we are in the same division as West Bromwich Albion as good as hands us six points on a plate. How they must hate the very sight of us chirruping on their away end one of our favourite songs, ‘West Brom, We always beat West Brom.’ The God of Shutting Down Venerable & Beloved Stadia even arranged it that our last opponents at our home of a hundred-and-thirty odd years, (the oldest league ground in the world), the Victoria Ground, were the very self-same ‘Baggies.’ In this way, whatever else happened, we were safe in the knowledge that we could walk away with tears in our eyes on the back of an assured victory (2-1, we gave them a late one for auld lang syne).

The Boothen End

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