I’m working on a long essay / short book about the psychology of hero worship in males and as such I’ve been writing about the Jam and as further such – and in the way I have – I had to go checking the spelling of Bruce Foxton (I knew the second vowel was an o really, but once I’d typed it as an e I’d sewn the seed of doubt). One of the images that google threw up on the front page of the search was as below. Aesthetic considerations aside for one moment, they just look too bloody prissy to wear, don’t they? However, I have to confess that I did own a pair of Jam bowling shoes and I believe that they, too, started out au blanc though after they had conveyed me on a lengthy hitch hike round Europe including sleeping in the gutters of Bari they brushed up somewhat less Persil Washes Whiter.

Bruce Foxton has follow ex-Jam member Paul Weller into the world of fashion, working with Original Ikon to produce the Bruce Foxton shoe.

Original Ikon will be selling the special edition Bruce Foxton styled shoe this spring to coincide with the partial Jam reformation (with Rick Buckler as From The Jam). The shoe is a four eyelet Gibson with light punch detail across the vamp and toe. The upper is pure white, full grain leather, with black and white checkerboard calf linings, finished off with contrast black stitch detail.

Bruce’s signature is laser etched onto the white sole and each pair will be limited and numbered, sold in a cloth shoe bag and in a ‘luxury shoebox’. You’ll also get a photo of Bruce on the current tour thrown in. Price? No details as yet.

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  1. Daftburger says:

    I was watching Auto Trader on channel 523 last night and who should be on looking for a people carrier, for his band ‘The Gift’, none other than Rick Butler! (It must have been an old programme but my viewing habits haven’t quite caught up yet. I’m in about 2007! :D)

    Doing a bit of googling, having seen this post, I see Rick and Bruce Foxton are currently on a tour with a group ‘From the Jam’ but unfortunately it doesn’t involve Mr Weller.

    They’re in Aldershot, the nearest to you, on 3 Dec! Book early! You also get The Labrettas, thrown in for free! Get your Parka out!


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks burger, they sound like a tribute band of their own selves. *shudders*

    On the other hand it will give me a chance to give the new shoes a whirl.

  3. OS says:

    >I’m working on a long essay / short book about the psychology of hero worship in males…

    Get the prayer mat out and think about it. First hand experience? 🙂

  4. Stephen Foster says:


  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Many examples to cross,
    but I can’t seem to find
    the one spelt TFP…

    Or did u mean ur ferkin self? 🙂

  6. Daftburger says:

    Here’s the song for your piece. I know it’s not a male hero worship but just to quote a bit of it would LOL!

    Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
    Her voice is smooth but the tone is flat
    She’s telling me this and she’s telling me that
    She talks about me and I must agree
    With what she says about me
    About how nice I can be
    But it makes no difference to my mind

    Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
    She knows all my details – she’s got my facts
    She tells me my height and she knows my weight
    She knows my age and says she’s knows fate

    And I must say – it’s logical
    What foresight she must have
    I’ve got to meet her whenever I get time

    Says she knows everything about me
    Every word I’ve ever said
    Every book I’ve ever read
    She told me that we met along time ago
    I can’t think when but she should know

    Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
    Knows where I get my shirts and where I get my pants
    Where I get my trousers where I get socks
    My leg measurements and the size of my cock

    And I must say it’s un-nerving
    To think that she knows me
    Knows me so well – better than anyone
    Better than myself

    Says she knows everything about me
    Every record I’ve listened to
    Every window that I’ve looked through
    She told me that we met along time ago
    I can’t think when but she should know

    Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
    She’s telling me this and she’s telling me that

  7. George S says:

    I had shoes like that at age seven. Those shoes (warning: mixed metaphor approaching) were the cross I had to bear.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    I am seeing a massive, massive bestselling work of poetic misery-fiction here, George. What you’re telling me is that you fled the ’56 invasion, and arrived in Blighty where someone decided you were to be a seven yr-old Hungarian Mod-kid. That’s a dynamite synopsis.

  9. George S says:

    It will be called The Boy with the White Shoes, and it will be the misery memoir to end all misery memoirs. Scenes of whimpering, terror, humiliation and utter degradation. Iconic moment when boy in white shoes kicks first football on playground. Close up on muddy splotch and dent in toe. Soaring music. Dissolve to man in paint-splashed corduroy suit clutching fistful of cash, slow motion dancing in the street.

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    Write it George, a huge mansion with a helicopter pad and velvet curtains surely looms to compensate for the years of trauma…

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