One Love*

Simon Cowell’s new signings rioting in Stoke-on-Trent late last night after getting high on Chicken Pasanda, onion bhajis and a notable victory over some Scouse lot. (nb. the cost of a pashwari nan the last time we beat them: 2/-shillings and sixpence.)

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6 Responses to One Love*

  1. makemeadiva says:

    Either I am more drunk than I thought, or you have managed to cross out nearly your whole blog…

    It’s not that bad, honest.

  2. OS says:

    Hah hah… you’ve fuffed it up; Hah hah… you’ve fuffed it up; Hah hah, you’ve fuffed it up…

    Get that missing tool, Jackson Fosterboy, to sign up ‘The Bagend Loiterers’ quick.


    NB: Thomas hero worships you now you’ve promised to share a bunk with him. Loz has been warned that he might request to take a waz at school tomorrow, ‘wanker’, that’s when he’s verily discarded his schoolwork. I’m dreading picking him up tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    It looks fine on my screen, I must of* done something that afflicts antediluvian PCs.

    Hold on….

    & here’s another one for him

    “I diskard you, you antediluvian old scrote, grandad.”

  4. OS says:

    >Hold on….

    That’s better.

    >“I diskard you, you antediluvian old scrote, grandad.”

    He’d never diskard his granddad. 😉 I suspect this is going to run and run. This old scrote is giggling like a demented fart at the thought you and TTB could be the main characters in TRDB. FYI, he’s got a lovely little bum. 🙂 ROFL. Or maybe there could be another duo? Justin was giving that pikture of you coming out of the sea more than a passing glance. It’s the alpha male in you wot does it. Hee hee.

  5. OS says:

    NB: you don’t frequent Gloucester Terrace NW1 frequently, do you? ROFLMFAO!

  6. mum says:

    It was all crossed out on mine too peops !!! It is ok now 🙂 Glad to here a great night was had by all 🙂 xx

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