Anyone wishing to see a Q&A preview to the Sunderland v Stoke City fixture at the weekend will find it here on this excellent Sunderland website.

Kenwyne Jones, one of half-a-dozen Sunderland cast offs who could flip their old team out at the weekend.

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2 Responses to Salut!

  1. mum says:

    Exellent website with good reporters ! Talking of Sunderland it is as well your brother in law was in Paris last Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I also had a lucky escape. I’m in London at present and couldn’t get to the game. Also, I’d forgotten about the date when accepting a lunch invitation a few weeks back. Come the day I assumed I’d be able to see it on the box. I was greeted with the words: “Sorry mate, we haven’t got Sky here.”

    The barrage of goal texts throughout the meal got so embarrassing that I stopped look at five and didn’t know for ages that we’d got one back.

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