I don’t know where this ranks on the ‘never heard of Justin Bieber-o-meter’ but I had to look up GOP today when I read that Christine O’Donnell of the ‘Unwitchy Party’ had criticised this body for a ‘lack of support’. For any others who are as ignorant about American political terminology as me it’s the alternative name for the Republicans and stands for Grand Old Party. Yeehaa!

We were talking about Obama last night and about how difficult it is to disentangle what’s going on there. I can’t tell whether he’s not doing very well because of his skin colour and the smears about his Muslim-ness or whether he’s not doing very well because he’s not that good at being a President. I heard a correspondent on the radio at lunchtime saying that Obama is suffering because of the economic situation which has not improved in the general experience/perception, or in fact, over his two years in office, but that beyond that he ‘doesn’t do the cheesy stuff at all’ such going to church with his wife and children (apparently saying he likes to pray in private, this, also apparently, gives rise to the ‘secretly Muslim’ claims) or posing around being a good ol’ family guy. If that’s right then he’s creating his own problems isn’t he, because at some level any job involves playing the game. It’s something I find impossible to do; that’s why I haven’t had an employer since I was twenty-odd and (partially) explains why I go through publishers like other writers go through ink cartridges. Only partially, though; only partially.

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  1. Daftburger says:

    Having watched Andrew Neil’s (spit) programme about the Tea Party the other night it would seem that, as seen on ‘Family Guy’. “I think the lesson here is, it really doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as we’re all the same religion.” His problem, as you’ve intimated, are the ridiculous doubts about his religion and what does it really matter anyway? I know it does over there.

    O’Bama (Irish shirley?) got voted in the change ticket when people didn’t really want change. I guess they got carried away by the thought of change and the fact that the opposition was dreadful!

    These politicians are like Henry VIII. They’ll shelter in any church if it gets them what they want. Amatwats!

  2. calvininjax says:

    His problem is that he is black. Make no mistake racism is still alive and well in The Deep South. It’s not in your face racism like the days of old, it can’t be because you would get arrested. But scratch away at the thin facade of Republican respectability and it is there.

    My wife’s firm is packed to the rafters with Republican attorneys and support staff — the latter are the kinds of people who believe Obama is a Muslim — and does not employ one black attorney and has just one black person on the support staff. The firm has a program of diversity but that is just for appearances sake. Bear in mind that 30 per cent of Jacksonville’s population is black.

    The Tea Party is a magnet for every self-serving bigot in the land and the frightening thing is that some of them get elected. Why? Well, when you get people who believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old, need I say more.

    To Baptists, the biggest church in The South, Catholics are not viewed as Christians. And an awful lot of people in The South attend First Baptist Churches without fail every Sunday for their weekly brainwashing.

    Then there is the question of electoral practices. Rick Scott another Tea Party favourite, whose company was involved in a massive fraud against Medicare and who pleaded the Fifth Amendment 75 times when questioned by investigators, has just been elected as the Governor of Florida. He spent $73 million on his campaign, he is a multimillionaire, whereas his Democrat opponent could only muster $8.5 million. It seems like you can almost buy your way into political office.

    I just hope Obama gets his act together in the next two years, otherwise the prospect of Palin in The White House will take on a frightening possibility.

    Dog Bless America!

  3. Daftburger says:


    Is your wife’s firm called ‘The Firm’? (bulging eyes smiley)

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Crikey Calvin; whilst none of that comes as surprising news, it’s still O Dear O dear when you read it like that.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    At least there is this news though, a slight balm to it all for a good ‘ol MCG such as myself:

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