The blog is just taking a moment to bliss out

Inbetween the bout of Tuncay Sanli-love and a forthcoming From Our Own Correspondent account of the effects of the GEC in one particularly hard-hit and mis-managed region, here is a musical interlude, something I heard this morning which reminded me of Jack when he was a small boy; he really liked another song off the album (Happiness) a song called ‘Hello’ which was a bit cartoon-ish and said ‘Hello!’ to Norman Wisdom and Cannon and Ball amongst others. We saw Bobby Ball when we were on our holidays by the way, selling melons off a flat back truck on a roadside in Crete.

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2 Responses to The blog is just taking a moment to bliss out

  1. OS says:

    That is fantastic, winger. Art through video. Are they redskins or Mex’s?


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    They are probablt Brit kids hanging around the Sierra Granada.

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