Drumming up business

This ambulance tried to wipe me out yesterday. It wasn’t sounding sirens either, to give myself or other road users a clue. My picture of the incident as below hardly shows how blind the turn off the roundabout to the road to Winterton-on-Sea is either. I gave him some horn to voice my opinion but unfortunately the klaxon on the old banger makes rather a pathetic wimp of a peep (Dylan’s barks at horses, other dogs, squirrels, and for no reason whatsover from within the cargo area are louder) so I don’t imagine it made any impression. I heard some figure about how many RTAs the Emergency Services cause a while back; I can’t remember exactly what it was but it was hundreds or thousands.

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9 Responses to Drumming up business

  1. shep207 says:

    This reminds me of a time I once took a friend to pick up a drum kit in Buxton that he had bought off ebay.

    On the way back we had music playing louder than it should have been and the drum kit in the back completely blocking my rear view. At one point in the journey we came up to a mini roundabout and the few cars ahead were pulling up onto the kerb. At this point I should have probably realised but instead, thought ‘what are all these fucking idiots doing’ and pulled out to overtake them all.

    The result was quite embarrassing and I decided to get away from the disgusted onlookers as quickly as possible only to arrive at a set of red lights a few meters down the road.

  2. Daftburger says:

    How rude! I’m guessing the “Who knows?” is the beautiful broadlands village of South Walsham which can be viewed online here! 😛 Why not take Dylan some time?


  3. Stephen Foster says:

    O dear.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Why not take Dylan sometime?

    A. Because he would only end up in North Walsham (wot is well scary).

  5. Chiffs says:

    It looks like the kind of drawing doctors make on patients’ bodies before they operate (so they get the right leg – ie not the left one by mistake). They used to use felt tip, but now I think they’d probably use a Sharpie.

  6. OS says:

    I’m glad you weren’t in my Fiat/Seat with Sigur Ros playing at full blast on that mahoosive woofer in the back. Next time you lock yourself out of the car park and come crawling on your hands and knees to wash my feet before axing to borrow my wanker of a car that gets you out of the shit, you should try it. It’s best if you play some Eminem down the high street. . 🙂


  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Okay rudeboy.

  8. Chris says:

    Hey Steve,

    Are you releasing a new Stoke book based on last season? Thoroughly enjoyed the last one mate, good work!


  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Sorry Chris, no, there are only so many Stoke City titles the world will take before saturation point is reached…

    However, I am planning to write a piece on the greatness of Tuncay for publication on here later today 😉

    Welcome to the blog btw.

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