Swiss Tony

Is a lugubrious individual and as such I’m tipping him to be a star of the documentary film. He wasn’t expecting to see me, but that didn’t stop him from turning on a sixpence to give the customary Stokie salutation as soon as heard the sound of my gay middle-class tippy toes. He works in those bays spraying cars on his own, behind that facade of terraced houses below; there are no houses, it’s a garage. Him and ‘our Sharon’ lived in the front house for a while before it became a business; the garage owner let them have it rent free while they saved the deposit for their first bought home. If you enlarge you’ll notice a tremendous special offer in the newspaper.

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17 Responses to Swiss Tony

  1. OS says:

    *Tears* I though I wus going to be the star of the show. And after I *borrowed u my car, 2! *Tears*

    Swiss Tony. That’s my boy, and fayther of the: I just love this guy…but…. series, on my blog. You wouldn’t believe that he sprays £50,000 cars in that hole, would you? You did take it from the worst angle, mind. Deliberately?


  2. OS says:

    NB: aktewally, he lived over the top of the garages whilst it was a spray shop, and while he was saving up his deposit. Din’t he take you upstairs? Offices and all sorts up there. Half-a-job-winger, as usual. 😦

    O… S.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I never got offered a tour, and my approach shot is a classic of photojournalistic verité so do one yourself as usual.


  4. Daftburger says:

    You’d think with all that paint around he’d have at least put some on the walls!

    OS stop being so protective you old mother hen! 😀

  5. markelt says:

    Most of it ends up under his finger nails. They saved for this house of theirs and its giant sofa by skimping on Swarfega.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Who needs Swarfega when you can use the cobbles out front as gigantical pumice stones?

  7. Chiffs says:

    Excuse me, but is anyone going to say how handsome he looks, or how beautiful the wall is behind him, or what a great picture it is?
    Thought not.
    Miserable s***s

  8. OS says:

    He is a handsome sod, ChiffS, just like his daddy. 😉

    And, yes, it is a great picture. Reality of life, as are the other ones he took, too. The boy is missing his calling methinks.

    But: the damp, and mildewed, wall, behind him, and, which, needs plastering, is, not, really, so beautiful. 😉


  9. OS says:

    Winger should take a pic of Jasper on the giant sofa. He lies on the back of it.


  10. Stephen Foster says:

    I like the way his jeans drop onto his trainers: perfect length.

  11. OS says:

    … and the artists t-shirt. He just needs a pallet now. 😉

  12. Chiffs says:

    Yes, it’s in the genes, OS. (And I still like that wall.)

  13. markelt says:

    I’m having no truck with this. A true bromantic knows that you don’t compliment men on their looks, dress sense or anything else.

  14. Stephen Foster says:

    What’s he want that for? His fork-lift truck?

    * palette

    ** yes, I am deliberately and cruely mocking your spellin in a manly way.

  15. Stephen Foster says:

    Hello gorgeous.

  16. OS says:

    >** yes, I am deliberately and cruely mocking your spellin in a manly way.

    Water off a duck’s back, boy. Do I need to keep doing this: **** every time I do an Awag spelling? *Aktewally, I *no *ow *2 spell *pallet. 😉

  17. OS says:

    Well, you with your linen gear and winger with his crinkled blouses wouldn’t *no good dress if *u *sore it. 😉 As for good looks, neither of you two would win a prize. 🙂


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