Untypical modern footballer

Just been reading this piece on Benoit Assou Ekotto from a link off the blog’s own sidebar. I was observing “Benny’s” game on Saturday, he’s quite compact* for a defender, but he kept our Big Boys largely under control until Tunçay came on and started causing trouble. Note to TF Pulis – you could use an actual footballer from the start, it’s not illegal.

* Unlike Younis Kabul, who achieved the rare feat of making Ricardo Fuller look slight.

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  1. OS says:

    Is Ekotto the left back? If so, I thought he was a super player. Whatever, the left back was a super player.

    Yes, that Kabul looked enormasss (as DDM used to say.) Spurs were a tidy side first half, but we deserved *the draw with our second half display.

    *That would be without the non-goal that Foy didn’t have the bottle to give but should not have been a goal anyway because Huth was mauling Gomez about as if it was WWW just prior to the non-goal that Foy didn’t give.

    It was an enjoyable game, nevertheless.


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Left-back was him OS.

    Nice side, Spurs. If Arry managed England we’d of* won the World Cup. He has that little bit of jam as well as everything else.

  3. calvininjax says:

    I only saw the second half from my seat in the Calvin Palmer Memorial Stand, the security checks are somewhat thorough these days, especially if you are not a U.S. citizen. 😉

    We did enough in the second half to get a point, apart from the small matter of putting the ball in the net, although it appears we did.

    Seems like Tuncay is getting the Hoefkens treatment from our “esteemed” manager. What price that he will still be a Stoke player when the transfer window closes?

    Too bad about Sidibe. I hope for all our sakes he decides to retire. Still, it seems we have a ready made replacement in Jones or am I being unkind about our new signing?

    And to think Man Utd got Javier Hernandez for reportedly £6 million. Isn’t it somewhat strange that someone from Mexico, and who is only 22, made the starting line-up against Fulham.

    No wallowing in the lower divisions for him so that he can adjust to English football, as is the case with our Uruguayan international Arismendi. Are we sure Pulis knows how to manage a football team?

    Over to the men in the know. 😉

    Pulis out!

    Wouldn’t it be great if Coates shafted Pulis and brought Martin O’Neill in? Chelsea 47 Stoke City 0 could be the defining moment.

    I think it’s time for my medication. 🙂

  4. OS says:

    >Wouldn’t it be great if Coates shafted Pulis and brought Martin O’Neill in? Chelsea 47 Stoke City 0 could be the defining moment.

    *Hysterical giggles* 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Amigo # 9. (I think.) 😉

  5. markelt says:

    It’s never far below the surface with you lot is it?

    Pulis Out!

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Tunny is definitely getting the Hoefkens treatment, Pulis hadn’t got a good word to say post-match even though he totally turned the game when he came on.

    It’s too soon to say on Kenwyne.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    It’s a ticking time bomb in the collective heart. I’m sharpening my pencil for when we hit the bottom.

  8. OS says:

    …and I’ve got my Amigo hat out of storage. 🙂

    NB: winger, ‘ave u ad a look over at Eli’s place? There’s wealth of info there, including why he gave us a miss. It needs an acidic comment or two or three. 😉


  9. OS says:

    Oh…and I’m waiting for Godot over at Bag End. 🙂

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