The same car park as below, today

It’s quite a small car park, it holds about thirty cars or so and does not normally host conventions; there are strange ley lines going through it at the moment though, that much seems to be for sure.

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3 Responses to The same car park as below, today

  1. OS says:

    Shurely, this is a plot worthy of a novel – How I was nearly involved in a Murder – will do.

    I like the VW camper on the right. It reminds me of Scoobies camper van, only bigger. There’s some brass there, boy. I’ll bet your Merc wouldn’t even begin to be the deposit on one of them. 😉


  2. makemeadiva says:

    VWs aside, the most arresting one I ever saw being ablaze on the hard shoulder of the M25 wherein I felt the heat, this alleged murder business reminds me of one of the reasons I felt finally minded to leave the East End.

    There was a young American artist called Margaret Muller who was horribly stabbed to death in Victoria Park on an early morning run some years ago. This was about half a mile from our flat and somewhere I often walked or ran with the dog. Bizarrely, a few days before her murder my dog had refused to walk down the path we often went down quite happily. It was the one she was killed on later that week and her murderer was never found.

    Dogs know things.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Dylan knows how to chase rabbits and go on the missing list the little sod; whether he intuits the vibes like your dog felt is moot point. He often barks at that car park though, to be fair.

    I always thought Epping Forest was the most dangerous place in the world; on Capital Radio news when I lived down there they seemed to report the finding a dead body in there twice a week.

    Incidentally, they recently sent round a planning permission to change those metal casement windows, in what is a rather plain 30s building at best, to plastic. After the views of residents were received the application has been withdrawn.

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