This is rather tragic on many levels

Not least the environmentally ludicrous level and the ‘how to annoy a chef’ level: small lettuce for sad singles. What has happened to the rest of the leaf vegetable? I’d be surprised if it’s found its way into ‘this is no ordinary lettuce soup,’ but less surprised to find that it had been ‘chucked away’.

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12 Responses to This is rather tragic on many levels

  1. shep207 says:

    I had the displeasure of working in an M&S store until last Saturday and nothing would surprise me less..

    On a side note: Don’t buy anything from their ‘fancy’ Deli’s or Restaurant’s, the menus are made up of thier ready meals straight off the shop floor. At four times the price, you do get the added bonus of them heating it in the microwave for you and serving it up on a nice big plate.

    Not that anyone would be eating in M&S..

  2. shep207 says:

    Also, it doesn’t surprise me that there were ‘scores of singletons’ complaining about the size of their lettuce.

    If my life ever becomes so pathetic that I feel the need to complain about receiving too much of something I’ve bought (especially a frigging lettuce), will someone please shoot me?

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I feel this is a useful thread for you to vent on, Shep, & that I’m fulfilling my public service remit : )

    Would you like to share your worst ever M&S moment?

  4. mikethegerm says:

    My Mum worked at M&S one Christmas and saw people fighting over turkeys etc. My frame of reference isn’t wide enough to compare this to anything in the literature, and I thus slip below the standard of comment I’d set previously. Soz like.

  5. shep207 says:

    There are so many moments over the one year I was there.

    I suppose the worst would be when I was sick on the way to work. I worked in the bakery (I use that term very loosely) and had to be in at 5am. I was ill on one occasion during my entire time there and told the general manager for Compass (the catering company hired by M&S) when she got in at 7am. Despite it being illegal for me to work with food for 48 hours after being sick, I wasn’t told I could go home and that it would have to be investigated as I already had far too much time off due to sickness! (I had never been off previously).

    She was very nearly told to go fuck herself and to bake her shitty frozen products herself but unfortunately I needed the money.

    Also, I wasn’t sent home that day until 10.30am when another manager said I wasn’t allowed to work and should have gone home already. No shit!

    What an utterly horrible place that was to work.

    Oh and they also failed to pay me any overtime despite working 6 day weeks for two months on a 20 hours contract! – This was because they are stingy fuckers who wouldn’t employ new staff when people left.
    I never once worked less than 32 hours a week but don’t worry though, they made sure I would only get 20 hours pay on my holidays.


    Anyway I just got the keys for my new shop and look set to open mid September!

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Lettuce Now Praise Famous Men (Agee/Evans)

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    This is not just everyday rubbish staff-relations, this is slo-mo with sticky chocolate sauce M&S fucking employees off big time.

    At least they’ve given you the crash course in how not to treat your employees…

  8. shep207 says:

    That’s true, but for some reason I’m struggling to feel grateful..

  9. Daftburger says:

    M&S, despite their middle class veneer of respectability, do treat their staff like shite.

    I worked their on security when I left the RAF. Standing at a door getting asked by snotty nosed kids if I was a policeman hundreds of times a day! Just smile nicely Grrrrrrrr!

    First day I worked their I stood for 4 hours at the front door, god it makes your feet ache. Anyway five minutes after going for dinner, M&S would call it lunch ;-), some scally ran in and took an armful of £35 cardigans! 😀 Well that’ll teach them to put the expensive stuff by the door.

    I was told that M&S prices were 25% dearer just to account for the amount of stuff that’s nicked.

    Most of the real staff seemed depressed! 😦

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    This is not just security, this is daftburger in a toasted sesame seed bun with extra fries and a tartar foam relish security…

    I’m beginning to bulid up a ‘staff relations profile’ for M&S. Perhaps I can sell them this helpful feedback at a Premium price.

  11. OS says:

    shep, you’re going to have to trust me on this one, those adversities will make you a better person. I’m not being condescending: I speak from many years of experience of telling people to ‘fuck off’ for trying to treat me like shit. I’ve actually done it, quite a few times, and paid the price for it, which, at the time, were pretty painful. 😉 But now (Play the violin) in the autumn of my life, because of what I learnt, I laff in the face of adversity. (Proving, of course, that nothing happens to my nearest and dearest, including my special friends.)

    I hope your shop goes well. You must let us know how you’re doing.

    As for you, daftbugger, the thought of you standing outside M&S, making a fool of yoursen, has made my weekend. 🙂

    Winger, I still conner work those bloody tags. Do you have to create them yoursen? Grrrrrrrrrr…


  12. OS says:

    NB: winger, I’ve gone all rassist and nostalgic ‘over there’. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. 🙂


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