It was worth the wait # 2

Old Stokie in ‘Opens new blog with literary analysis’ stunna!

Our Man in Bag End

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5 Responses to It was worth the wait # 2

  1. mikethegerm says:

    Magical – never seen the phrase “fuck off” in a piece of literary criticism before, and I hope to again.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    That mirrors my thought exactly Mike; it pulls the genre into a whole new area…

  3. mikethegerm says:

    Think of the opportunities lost in the broadsheet book reviews.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    And for the blurbing of the paperbacks:

    ‘Oi! Amis: DO SEVERAL’

  5. OS says:

    Oi, you two! Leave me alone! I’m stupid, which gives me a certain liberty to behave like a lunatic, at times. You should try it, if you qualify. 😉

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