There is about to be unleashed

a new correspondent in the blogosphere. He does not wish to call his site as he is seeking a makeover and a ‘new self.’

Any suggestions?

Kazimir Malevich, Plane in Rotation, called Black Circle, 1915, Oil on canvas

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19 Responses to There is about to be unleashed

  1. Geraldine says:

    This is great news OS, although I have no suggestions for a nom de plume as my brain isn’t working very well today. I look forward to your usual good humour and pithy comments, when are you launching?

  2. Lee Wright says:

    No idea about a name, but sure am looking forward to that blog.

  3. calvininjax says:

    How about The Dresden Dynamo?

  4. markelt says:

    His home is Bag End

  5. OS says:

    I shall take my time on this one. Much depends on my mood. 😉

    Calvin, thank you, but a dynamo I am not, at the moment. This bad back (trapped skyatic nerve) is making me melancholy. Only the twins, Matthew and Scott, on a multi-stayover, (they axe to stay for one night, and then I can’t get rid of them) with their incessant replaying of Icarly, and their triple-demolition of the sweet bowl (I had to give them a tenner to get new stock in) are keeping me sane. So, if I was to choose at the moment, it would be called ‘Death Row’. 🙂

    Bag End is good, Eli. Not only is it where I live, but the name would fit, too.

    Why has this come about? It was my Katie’s 12th b’day yesterday. We were chatting – after she’d txtd me to ask me if I was ok, but it was really to give me the nod and the wink that her fifty quid would be most welcome, because she wants an Eyepod. “Grandad,” she said “ is SO old hat! Why don’t you start a Facebook page?”

    “A Facebook page*!” I replied. “A bloody Facebook bloody page*! Not on your bloody Nelly*!”

    *I only insert quotation marks because I know it makes Eli blow a fuse. (He’s a proper writer, you know.)

    “Everybody’s got a Facebook page, Grandad.”

    I stare at her. Then I point a finger at her. “You haven’t got one*!”

    She points a finger at me. “That’s only because YOU won’t let me*!”

    “I have my reasons*! George Elt is on Facebook, and when you’ve got little sods like him, with his good looks and Justine Beiber hairdo, trawling the net, then I think your old grandad is wiser than you*!

    (They’re fighting downstairs. Hold on while I sort them. Their punishment will be 30 minutes of Spongebob Squarepants. 🙂 )

    Now where was I? I tend to ramble these days. Oh, yes…talking to Katie.

    “I’ll have a think about it. WordPress seems to be a good thing these days, and you haven’t got millions of people inviting you to be their ‘friend’ on WordPress.”

    “That sounds good, Grandad. But that old site has to go. That page you’ve got of me is embarrasing.”

    “Embarrasing*! It’s lovely*! I love it*!”

    “Well, I daren’t tell my friends about it at skool. If you had a WordPress thing and you didn’t put me on there, then it would be ok.”

    “Ok,” I said, I’ll have a word with the ‘guys’. I’ll let you know.”

    So, after some thought, I will do as she axes. Maybe. But, I WILL have the last word*!

    Hah hah hah.


  6. Stephen Foster says:

    That’s ace.

  7. OS says:


    I like that, too. This is getting difficult.

    Hold on…

    M. le etc…

  8. OS says:

    TTB has just paid me an unaccompanied flying visit. He didn’t last long. He was stuffing a feather duster up my new central heating boiler.

    “I was after spiders, Grandad.”


    He stole some sweets and ran off. And then left the bloody gate open*!

    Woe is me. 😦

  9. Daftburger says:

    Pretentious In Stoke, Something Youthful, Something Lavacious Including Pulis Provacations Ending Rudely!

    PISSYSLIPPERS for short! 😀

  10. OS says:

    This going to be a long one…

    Does that sound ok?

    *rolley eyes thing*

  11. makemeadiva says:

    I was hoping for something more along the lines of

  12. She’s adorable! I like “Bag End,” too.
    Kate from Oregon

  13. Chiffs says:

    I know you’ll take this the right way, dear OS – a disguised and dashing superhero: The Scarlet Pimpernel!

  14. calvininjax says:

    I thought his acne had cleared up. 😉

  15. OS says:

    Why, thank you, jilly. I think she’s adorable, too. She’s my first grandchild, so, that would, naturally, make her special. But, she’s also my only lass because the others are boys, and boys are (even though I love them dearly) a pain in the butt. Those two I ‘spoke’ of earlier, the twins, are still in residence. I shall try really hard today to get rid of them. The problem is that my daughter and Katie are having a good time (girls together) and don’t want them back. 😦

    Like you, I think Bag End is the best one yet. I’m not surprised, considering who it came from…Eli Grumpy. He’s the king of one-liners and my internet minder, to boot. He, actually, dares tell me off*! I don’t take that from any of the other boys of mine: winger, Swiss, and Mr Pink. But Swiss (my blood son) does give me nasty stares at times: which, I ignore.

    How does ‘Musings/Ramblings from Bag End’ sound to you? In part, I feel like Godo, waiting for myself.


  16. Stephen Foster says:

    If I remember rightly that is what you use where others press the Louis Vuitton into service…

  17. OS says:

    Calvin! 😉

    My dear ChiffS.

    Distinguished – yes. Dashing – definitely not!

    It might please you to know that when the prelims are done, my first ever blog (after the introductory notes) will be an appraisal of your latest book: The Song House.

    Will it be exceptional? Will it be good? Will it be mediocre? Will it be scathing?

    Hah! Th e tin of li quid soap did did it for me, whic h will giv you a clu e. 😉

    But first, before I begin my new life, I need to reformat this bloody computer. Those bloody boys have downloaded some mp3’s and I’m sure there was a bug in one, becuse it’s running so slow now, and even though I’ve done a full anti-virus scan, it will not improve.

    I need to go and sort them. Tinchy’s Number One is blasting out down there and they can’t even hear me shouting at them.

    Hold on…

  18. Chiffs says:

    “Distinguished – yes. Dashing – definitely not!” – I beg to differ, and anyway who would know under that disguise?

  19. OS says:

    Ha, my dearest Agatha.

    Cher ami!


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