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I’m thinking of opening a cake shop, I think I enjoy making cakes more than anything else at the moment. What shall I call it?

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  1. shep207 says:

    I’m useless at coming up with names for things so I can’t help you there but you should definitely open up a shop if it was a serious thought.
    I am currently in the process of setting up my own shop, it was either that or move back to Stoke and I didn’t like the prospect of unemployment. Although having said that, I’m more stressed out at the minute than I ever have been before.

    Ps. Really enjoy your books cheers!

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Hi shep, welcome to the blog & thanks for the kind words. What sort of shop are you opening & where & what’s it called?

  3. shep207 says:

    I am opening a snowboard shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I went to uni here a couple of years ago and decided I wanted to do something that I was actually really passionate about.
    The shop is called ‘Cab Five’ which is a term related to snowboarding. I came up with the name surprisingly quickly for me and I actually quite like it!

    So was the cake shop a serious thought?

    Will you be coming up here on 26th September?

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    The shop is half serious. If I can rope in a like-minded accomplice it might become real. Cake can be more useful than a book sometimes.

    Good luck with that shop. What does Cab Five mean?

    I might be there on 26th, but I’m not long back from a couple of other away-days so it’s not certain yet – I’ll let u know.

  5. Chiffs says:

    I’ll be a cake widow : )

  6. shep207 says:

    It’s a 540 degree spin taking off riding fakie (with your front foot being the foot you don’t naturally use in front) if that makes any sense.. And no I can’t do them haha.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Excellent. I know about that stuff from when jack was a sk8 boarder and was always kick-flipping into a five-o and shoving it out.

    I always thought Fakie was riding left foot forward.

    Is skateboarding as popular as it was 10 yrs ago? I don’t notice as many of them about the city centre as I used to…

  8. shep207 says:

    Fakie can be riding left foot forward as long as you usually ride with your right foot forward. If you naturally ride with your left foot forward it is called ‘regular’ and if you naturally ride with your right foot forward it is called ‘goofy’. If you do the opposite to what you natuarally do it is called fakie or switch.

    I think skateboarding is still pretty popular, it seems to be up here anyway. I gave up skateboarding when I was 16 after I injured myself and realised I was no good without the board attatched to my feet!

  9. calvininjax says:

    Obvious innit — The Victoria Round.

    Alternatively — Let Them Eat Cake.

    Of course, you might have copyright problems with the Marie Antoinette estate with the latter. 😉

  10. OS says:

    ‘Strawberry Surprise’?


  11. Stephen Foster says:

    I like them. No copyrite problems with MA – she never said it, did she?

  12. OS says:

    Swiss has just come round here to help me cus I’m struggling with my bad back. He’s seen the pic and said to tell you to call it either…

    ‘Trill tart’
    ‘One in a Trillion’.

    He says he’ll go into partnership with you if you can find him a decent (cheap) house by the river. It’s in your hands, boy.

    M. le etc…

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    I was thinking of the Trills myself, but the private jokery of it might not really trillnslate.

    I suppose we could just call it ‘Trills’. That is quite a good name for the globalwide franchise it will eventually become. Or McTrillnold’s

  14. Johnson says:

    Baked Goods ?

  15. makemeadiva says:

    The Cake Escape: then you can fit it out with vintage motorbikes and barbed wire 🙂

  16. Stephen Foster says:

    : )

    The Buns of Navarone

  17. Daftburger says:

    But it’s not a cake it’s a flan! Flantastic!

    The old Flan Flinger of old London Town!


  18. Chiffs says:

    A Cake to Victory.

  19. Stephen Foster says:

    The Buns of Navascone

  20. makemeadiva says:

    This is bringing out the worst in me:


  21. Daftburger says:

    Definitions of flan on the Web:

    •open pastry filled with fruit or custard

    •A flan is an open-topped pie, similar to a quiche but, especially in savoury versions, lacking the custard-style filling. The base is of shortcrust pastry, distinguishing it from the tart, which more often has a puff pastry base. It is also filled with custard in Mexico and marc in Brazil.

  22. OS says:

    He was thinking something more like this, but the same price as the linky you put. 😉


  23. Stephen Foster says:

    I’m thinking “Flâneurs”

    Or would this just be too pseudy?

  24. makemeadiva says:

    Did you know the Flaneur in Farringdon?

    It was quite good (but I read it has gone bust?).

    Apart from that it’s a good name, but can you get it past DB?

  25. Stephen Foster says:

    *Guesses* Was it a boozer?

    What is DB?

  26. makemeadiva says:

    It was a French deli cum restaurant. Cavernous and rather near the Guardian offices one way and Goldman Sachs t’other.

    Not what is DB, but who?

  27. Stephen Foster says:

    Dennis Bovell?

  28. Daftburger says:

    Flaneurs by gaslight?!

    If ya wanna know who or what is DB ask OS!

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