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I’ve just picked this up from the Mogul’s feed, he was responding to this Madbury person saying how very much a link to this song had improved his day. I may not have Bieber Fever, but at least I’ve heard of these ‘beardy hippies.’

At the end of Mr Madbury’s post there is a nicely expressed something which manages to damn three things in one line regarding a cover version of the song. His views neatly express my feelings whenever the wretched thing comes on the radio:

Oh yeah before I forget. This cover of Dreams by the Corrs is so laughable you have to listen. They’re like a fake Cranberries, but even more 1990 if that’s even possible.

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3 Responses to Tweet tweet tweet

  1. Jack says:

    hahaha. you should follow madbury, best site out there father.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks for the tip. I can’t say i totally understand it though.

    NB: saw a teenage kid in Martham (village with duck pond) on way to beach tonight wearing a gold-foil Star in the Hood hoodie. He was with his massive on his skateboard talking to the rude boys in their boy-racer Clios : )

  3. Jack says:

    what a glorious image, the typical SITH customer no doubt.

    it means follow @madburyclub on twitter and check the site if you want to be in the know.

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