Dogs remember shapes

Dylan is not the most gregarious or social animal, he has his set of particular friends, but outside of that group he’s more than likely to be circumspect in his encounters with stranger-danger dogs. Once in a while though he belts off and goes out of his way to meet a distant fellow; it’s always to the same type: one that looks like Ollie. He did it this morning with a lurcher a hundred yards away, an animal that was the nearest in outline to Ollie I’ve ever seen and that was dark in its coat too. He stayed for ages on the spot once the other dog had moved on, sniffing at the urine, double and treble checking that it really wasn’t his old brother.

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4 Responses to Dogs remember shapes

  1. makemeadiva says:

    Rudi liketh not the shape of a Staffie.

    Dylan has moved me.

  2. Geraldine says:

    That is quite touching. Why do we assume that dogs won’t remember after a certain time? Maybe that’s why Dylan wasn’t so keen on Lemon: simply because he wasn’t Ollie.

  3. OS says:

    That pichure is quite moving, Boy. Now you’ve told us the tale. I suppose Dills echoed your own feelings too. Life goes on, Boy. But we don’t forget the past. Nor should we.


  4. Julie Hill says:

    That’s really touching. Who knows what’s actually going through Dylan’s mind at that point – but it does sound like he’s thinking of Ollie. They have longer memories than we think & they do form strong bonds. We honour those we’ve lost best by remembering them and that’s just what Dylan’s doing. Bless him.
    Star always recognises & distrusts Malamutes on sight.

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