I was looking at my old desert boots and thinking how resonant they are as subject matter; Van Gogh’s rendering of those battered conveyances is just too much on the pathos – they look like their owner wore them for at least thirty years, thirty long hard years on the stump before he dropped dead in them. Mine are only just broken in – I reckon I’ve done three thousand miles in them at a quick tot up, sometimes making Ollie & Dylan trudge along behind while I walk too fast, more often chasing Dylan through sand dunes shouting at him to Stop! but always making a happy decision to walk about with dogs while tightening the laces. Van Gogh’s pair suggest a life short on leisure-time decision-making and high on hand-to-mouth survival.

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10 Responses to Boots

  1. OS says:

    >Van Gogh’s rendering of those battered conveyances is just too much on the pathos…

    No it isn’t. All shoes tell a story and VG’s tell us of hardship.

    Yours tell us what a gay life you live. Those are Tory shoes. Definitely. 😉

    M. le. etc…

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    You may experience a temporary blog ban for that…

  3. makemeadiva says:

    VG boots make my heart hurt.

    It sums up the power of representation rather than reproduction of an item.

    One supposes those were “his” boots for all pursuits. I only seemed to have one pair of shoes for all things as a child. Having a choice now is lovely, but I normally end up in the same Brazilian flip flops for all things. I try to remember not to wear them to work, but at the moment I just think “fuck it!”

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    I make the same supposition you do there, Diva, regarding whose boots they are. And then, you know, you really do step into his shoes, as the saying goes.

    Talking about representation vs reproduction how are you getting on with History of World 100 Objects? We were saying this morning how it sends us to sleep and reminds us of 1970s Television for Schools with its bloody awful lute music and beardy-presenter bloke drone…

  5. makemeadiva says:

    It’s not a radio show thing is it? I think Arthur Smith should have got the gig for purposes of staying awake.

  6. makemeadiva says:

    Oh yes but the lute music – set fire to the instrument!

  7. markelt says:

    Yes, but where would REM be without the mandolin? And The Smith’s used one too. Objection denied

  8. markelt says:

    Smiths dammit

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    That completes the Case for the Prosecution.

  10. markelt says:

    Pleb 🙂

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