FT 1(2)-4

We could have been awarded two of those phantom goals that only go into the side netting like happened at Watford and still have lost. That was a right pasting. Elsewhere, here and here, others in the blog’s personal collection of friends are being erudite, measured, witty and philosophical. I’m really a very un-jingoistic, non forehead-vein-throbbing watcher, but at the moment the best I could say about that supine bunch of pansies is that quite a good number of them don’t have horror collections of arm tattoos.

I quite liked Fabio and I genuinely thought he had something up his sleeve (not arm tattoos) but he let himself down badly in the post-match when his understanding of English took a dramatic downturn, he didn’t comprend a single word that was said to him and needed his interpreter for every question. I’m reminded of hundreds of jokes about Italian tanks having four reverse gears. The overhaul needed is root and branch, because while our boys may actually be made to look much better than they really are on a weekly basis by playing alongside a united nations of proper footballers, that doesn’t mean they’re not being failed by battalions of Tony Pulis hoof-merchants on full-size pitches when they’re nine and ten years’ old, and then later on failed by FA drones who just aren’t intelligent enough to hide their affairs with the office bike and PA, never mind hire people to teach other people how to retain the ball and pass it to a team mate and then move into space.

Bring on that Hitler Meme. I wonder what he’s going to have to be so furious about this time…

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  1. markelt says:

    Tell me about. I’ve watched too many kids games where it’s a big lad at the back with a big lad and a fast lad up front, rabid parents encouraging kids to leg up anybody who tries to play, weak local associations, kids feigning injury and diving and all about winning not getting better. It won’t change because it would mean some fat twat in a suit would need to make himself unpopular.

  2. calvininjax says:

    Pulis out!

  3. George S says:

    Hmm. The stats show England had more shots and more possession. I’ll write a little piece over at mine.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    None of the papers seem to be picking up on how much Pulis is to blame. He’s got them all in his pocket.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    These are my stats:

    Battered: Ze Germans 12% – 88% Engerland

    Comedy Defending: Ze Germans: 7% – 93% Engerland

  6. OS says:

    We wus robbed. By ourselves.


  7. makemeadiva says:

    Building a team of overpaid and overexposed egos might be an impossible job.

    There is a way: The Arsenal Way 😉

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Arsène is a super coach who can teach many nationalities how to play the beautiful game but he isn’t so well known for winning trophies, is he? Perhaps he could team up with ‘Arry for le Dream Ticket…

  9. makemeadiva says:

    I am sorry to say this but, it is partly because of other teams’ envy over The Arsenal Way that there are no players left standing to win trophies come the Ides of March…


  10. Stephen Foster says:

    They need a Viera back in the middle to balance things up on that score.

    But still, and well, yes, maybe though our lad was definitely not trying to hurt anyone & to complete his story he hasn’t been the same since either. – he doesn’t go into challenges with the confidence he used to do because he doesn’t want to see that consequence again.

  11. makemeadiva says:

    Well I wasn’t really meaning to dig out Ryan especially (and in a way at the time I did not know who to feel more sorry for) although that was an inevitable side-effect. I meant that the type of football the Arsenal play invites the physical play endemic in the English game, but is that type of football the type that wins World Cups?

    Is all. The Guv’nor broke someone’s leg in Saturday league football and said he never went in the same way again. I guess it’s a human reaction.

  12. Graham Etherington says:

    My disdain for all things Norwich City FC hit an all-time high the day after England v Das Germans. The very first person I saw when I got to work was a Norwich fan, in his white Norwich shirt (white, to look similar to an England shirt perhaps?) stood there in front of me kissing his badge, saying “We a betterrr team than tha shower”, kiss, kiss, kiss….
    (I just blanked him and walked off).
    I’ll make sure to remind him of how good Norwich are when they enter their inevitable 5-game-loosing-streak this season.

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