Something very exciting has happened

T came up to the office about two weeks ago and asked what were these runner bean seeds still doing here. I looked at them. They were quite dusty.

‘I’m germinating them until you to do genius things with compost,’ I suavely replied.

Now there are shoots, and tomorrow, inbetween watching football, tennis and horseracing and writing a novel I am intending to take photos of them for publication on this blog. I’ve never vicariously grown a vegetable before. If all goes well I’ll be building a ‘bamboo teepee’ for them to grow up and that is something I am seriously looking forward to. We already have a lot of bamboo to hand in the front garden, which was here before we arrived ten years ago nearly. T occasionally says that it ought to be cut down but then if we did that how would I be able to wake up in the mornings and suavely say, ‘It’s a jungle out there.’ Hmm.

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  1. OS says:

    I can’t wait for the pictures. Watching runner beans grow will be the most stimulating thing on this blog for ages. Well, better than pictures of mam’s rugs.


    M. le etc…

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