It takes a Republican to issue a shaming

The two best things about the World Cup so far in my eyes have been the game between Cameroon and Denmark – which was two parts part Total Football to one part Keystone Cops and was the ideal antidote to the crud that Eng-er-land served up to deface the names of the sons of our nation – and the French saga. I don’t know Who the ConDem Sports Minister is but I’d be flabbergasted if that person could come out with stuff like this from M Roselyne Bachelot [Is this a made-up-name? Ed] who occupies the rôle in France.

“I told the players they had tarnished the image of France. It is a morale* disaster for French football. I told them they could no longer be heroes for our children. They have destroyed the dreams of their countrymen, their friends and supporters.”

Bravo Mademoiselle Bash-a-lot [Geddit!]

[*Are there any sub-eds left after the budget? Ed]

Link here.

Elsewhere round the blogosphere I have learned this: The fall out of Anelka-gate continues to bring further shame and ridicule on the French national team. FFF sponsor, the Crédit Agricole bank, has pulled the plug on a series of TV ads featuring the team, while hamburger chain Quick have binned their poster campaign featuring Nico.

Allez Les Bleus!

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2 Responses to It takes a Republican to issue a shaming

  1. Peter Gulyas says:

    Just an easy excuse for the sponsors to get out because of this shameful situation in the World Cup. Nobody expected this from France! Tomorrow will be game over for them! It will finally bring an end to this misery! Would the French coach send home Anelka if he really thought that there is a realistic chance to go thru to the second round? I don’t think so!

  2. calvininjax says:

    Who is this Ed character? 😉

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