We can all be Hinkley United fans today

I’ve had this come in on the About tag up top from semi-regular correspondent Lee Wright. It’s informative and entertaining enough not to abandon to the frozen depths of ‘About’ so here it is with a guest slot of its own. Hinckley’s nickname is the Knitters due to the town’s long association with wool industries and there are ewes on the crest too, which is asking for trouble so far as one particular well-known football chant goes.

Hi Stephen

As your an honorary Hinckley Utd fan, I thought I’d keep you up to date with a bit of news.

The protest supporters group I set up (if you remember I emailed you asking for suggestions about the name?) Well, we finally decided on PIE: Protesting Inckley Exiles. The reason behind dropping the H from the clubs name is because no one from Hinckley can pronounce the H.

Off the pitch our chairman is giving us plenty of reasons to hate him as the club are now in debt to the tune of 1.6 million. He’s also banned the local paper from the club, so the paper has turned to me next season for a weekly fans column.

On the pitch, we missed out on a play-off place on the last day of the season (PIE members didn’t attend the fateful match as we did a PHW trick and boycotted the game.)

But some good news for you. Today our manager has signed Gordon Strachan’s son Gavin. He’s played for Cov & Nott’s county and being only 31, he should be a decent signing.

So there you are. Some info you probably have no interest in but as there doesn’t seem to much scandal at Stoke now your an established Prem team I thought I’d try and fill the void.

Pulis Out 😉

For more football analysis and a psycho-logical appraisal of where, when and how Fabio ‘Tommy Cooper’ Capello is going wrong, visit makemeadiva here.

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4 Responses to We can all be Hinkley United fans today

  1. makemeadiva says:

    Stick with Lee Wright if you’ve any fondness for your grey matter.

    My blog has become somewhat more unhinged than usual (to my dismay) 😉

  2. Lee Wright says:

    Thanks Stephen, it’s an honour to have made your blog’s esteemed pages!

  3. OS says:

    PIE. I like it.

    All is not PIE and beans in the Prem, Lee. Believe me; a lot of it is HYPIE. 😉


  4. Lee Wright says:

    Well Old Stokie, if you ever get bored with the hypie Pulisball, you and the PHW are more than welcome in our Leicestershire backwater…go on, dip a toe! 😉

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