Mogul News

I never hear from the boy or see him, but the BBC is keeping me up to date. I imagine he lives in Switzerland now.

Is it because we is black?

The Mogul as a Young Mogul

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4 Responses to Mogul News

  1. RAF says:

    Well let’s just hope that Jack remembers us plebs when he’s swilling Crystal with Jason Zebedee or whatever his name is.
    Winger can you ask him if he’ll lend me a tenner?
    Me reverse light in my Beamer has packed up!



  2. Stephen Foster says:

    He’s bringing bloody Beyonce round now.

    Dammit I’ll have to tidy up.

  3. OS says:

    If they’re looking for budding acts, they need look no further than Moi. There’s gotta be a starring role in one of Tinchy’s vids for me. I don’t charge the earth.

    Oi Raff; you can croon to me any time . I’m still coming to terms that such a rough arsed sod can sing like you. You almost (I did say ‘almost’) remind me of Jonsi Birgisson. I was expecting to see you on BGT.

    That pic of Jackson Fosterboy is cute. He’s wearing bling there! Hah hah. Wait till I see him again. Who’s the fella in the backward outfit? That’s not the young Johnboy is it?

    I’ll see you soon, Boy. Hold on….

    GGOS. BGT.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    The other one is Hozz. I used to sing ‘H to the Hozzo’ to him in reworking the famous J-Zee ‘Izzo’ song.

    He come round our sides* sometime to pay respec.

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