Old favourite picture

I was fiddling the prints and postcards and ticket stubs and photographs around on the wall beside my desk today (I was trying to draw a picture of one of them); it’s a kind of palimpsestic jumble of images, variously stuck with brass drawing pins (my favourites) and some with blue tack (which I don’t like, except for squeezing, like a stress ball). In doing my fiddling, I unearthed this.

On the drive back from the beach this morning (about ten o’clock) I saw three adult deer chasing each other across a farmer’s field. It was a sensational sight, unalloyed joy; reminded me of him.

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  1. makemeadiva says:


  2. OS says:

    It’s good to look through old photos. I was cleaning my office windows the other day, (a rare thing cus I don’t like cleaning windows) and on the window ledge are pics of three of my old dogs, Trudy, Tufty and Tammy. I told them all that we’d had a new addition in the family (Jasper) and they were giggling with me when I described some of the daft stuff he gets up to. 😉

    OSx 2 w & C.

  3. makemeadiva says:

    The rings on the water betray the inertia of the shot.

    But you can see the eyes and ears thinking about the next move.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    It has a colour under the water that pond, he always used to come out with orange legs like he’d been in the tanning salon : )

  5. Geraldine says:

    I always loved Ollie’s ears, they’re like the doors on a Delorean.

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