You can get anything these days

I was following a 4×4 with the message on the back today. I had to have a surf for that and I recommend a look round the site. I’m thinking I might have one of these:

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13 Responses to You can get anything these days

  1. OS says:

    Hah hah. Just wot I’ve been looking for 🙂

    This is my selection. It’s like me: stylish and a rocker. 😉


  2. OS says:

    …Juke Box (Tall)

  3. makemeadiva says:

    I am immortal, but if that ever changes I’ll take the greyhound one. The racing ones are too American, too jumping and too white flashy bridle with noseband.

    Incidentally, whilst perusing their extensive catalogue I was asked:

    What the HELL are you doing?

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Black jokes as well! That is quality.

    I recommend anyone to go to “Scenic” and check the Emmerdale.

    “Who Dares Wins” in Military and Patriotic is special too.

  5. Chiffs says:

    They’re all tacky rubbish – what you want is excarnation, like the Norfolk Seahenge site. Very beautiful and wild. I’m thinking of you, OS – instead of your ‘Tall Juke Box’ junk, you could be lying in state on an oak tree, surrounded by sea and blue sky, skylarks overhead:
    Higher still and higher
    From the earth thou springest,
    Like a cloud of fire;
    The blue deep thou wingest,
    And singing still dost soar, and soaring
    ever singest.
    That’s how a king should go.

  6. OS says:

    Wow, ChiffS. That stirs the soul. I can’t wait to go now. 😉

    C u soon on the 11th.


  7. OS says:

    ps., the ‘Tall Juke Box’ is not junk: it’s very William Morris 😉

  8. makemeadiva says:

    I am so thick, I didn’t see the joke. Copyright Mick.

    Sadly poetic disposal is outlawed by bureaucrats and environmentalists. I will be asking people to take furtive pocketfuls of ash to distribute on the Rowley Mile.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    R u sure?

    Your ashes will be cursing, “damn I should of* backed that filly” as her hooves pull clear towards the line and the rest of the field pounds over your eternal soul…

  10. makemeadiva says:

    It will be just the kind of distraction I need from being dead. And it’s not 24/7 racing. There will be those poetic moments of dawn, mist and dew on the grass and on the non-racing afternoons I will be able to hear the skylarks.

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    All good points. I’m starting to think it might be a right good spot for a scatter.

  12. markelt says:

    Hands off. I’ve already sold Mick to the Soylent Green Corporation.

  13. OS says:

    >Hands off. I’ve already sold Mick to the Soylent Green Corporation.

    Hah hah. It will be like eating an old broiler. 🙂

    diva: I’ll still be rueing not putting a grand on ‘granny’s tip’ as the smoke is billowing out over Carmountside. 😦 Some things you just have to take to the crem.


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