Question Time

The coalition seems to have got everybody foaming at the mouth and to have had the side-effect of making Michael Heseltine sound like the voice of reason and additionally made him the winner of the Studio Audience clap-o-metre. This is giving the blog pause for thought while it considers cosying up to some other far-leaning blog. Meanwhile here is a picture of an animal with a questioning tale.

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12 Responses to Question Time

  1. AndyP says:

    An interlectewal like yourself will probably be already listening to BBC Radio 4 tonight at 8pm, but if you weren’t aware, “Any Questions?” is on and Dr Caroline Lucas MP is one of the panel. Another voice of reason 😉

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Doesn’t that clash with Corrie? : )

  3. makemeadiva says:

    I wonder if Lord Hattersley is right, to paraphrase: a government that has public humiliation thrust upon them does not last long.

    I just know if I met Dave or Nick at a party I would have no interest in them. I am sure even a good argument would be impossible. They are like those sugar almonds: pastel pale, hard shells and indigestible.

    I’m not foaming though, it’s more of a collapse on a chaise longue with the vapours 🙂

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    I don’t like those almonds either.

  5. AndyP says:

    Tsk! You can listen to it again on iPlayer! 😉

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    I listened to it as I was frying onions and stuff in the parlour, I must say I was taken aback by how rowdy the Green contingent was – sounded like a gang of Vale fans ; )

    I thought being vegetarian and so on was supposed to be good for your psychic Karma.

  7. johnnyneptune says:

    giles coren has written about the 2 of them in the times today. has a few good points

    and wonder of wonders, i done blogged too. massively. quantity not quality, obviously.

  8. OS says:

    Nice pic and not a trace of green in it. 😉

    M. le etc.

  9. AndyP says:

    “I listened to it as I was frying onions and stuff in the parlour, I must say I was taken aback by how rowdy the Green contingent was – sounded like a gang of Vale fans ; )

    I thought being vegetarian and so on was supposed to be good for your psychic Karma.”

    It’s called passion old boy, and delight in having a MP at last. I’m a veggie and I like a good shout myself, especially at cap wearing boring football managers.
    Oooh she’s popped up in the Guardian too! 😉

  10. Poetry Police says:

    I think all the ranting at the coalition is the displacement of anger and ire at NuLab, being transferred onto a new lot who haven’t had enought time to be judged.

    NuLab where only ever tories in disguise anyway. Look at their multi-millionaire ex-leader; hardly a walking ad for Socialism. Look at Lord Adonis, this crowd was never Labour properly; just a bunch of liars.

    Big Brother govt; based on a lie of WMD that no one ever faced up to; and everything, everything followed on from that. They created a tier of people to put the fear of god into you; scare you into behaving like robots; bankrupted the country and I am glad they are out.

    Cameron cares more about England than Brown and his mob, and though he is a toff; that means at least he’ll have very strong opinions and, maybe, probably, he will actually do the right thing by England, instead of the McMafia who ruined Britain with their lies they never owned up to.

    It was perfect poetry that the only one with any morals, Clare Short, a proper working class fighter, walked into the Iraq inquiry through the front door, head held high, and told her side of things straight; whilst Blair skulked in the back way, with an escort and waffled utter rubbish.

    He said, WMD that’s why we’re going in; and when he was proved wrong, came up with all kinds of bullshit and that is what galls ppl, plus the fact the shit and death he caused, paid of handsomely after he left office and he got his mits on the mega-bucks.

    No, Cameron, I wish him well; and he aint Thatcher; trying to put the fear on ppl about the tories, would be like saying Labour getting in would be a vote for Hatton circa 1985.

    Kevin Desmond

  11. OS says:

    Kevin, much of what you say is true. But you speak with TOO much venom, which is never good for balance. I flinched when you brought up Claire Short. She should have resigned first time, but she was (and is) too much waffle and not enough of the grey cells.

    I’d forgotten about Hatton. Yes, he was a bit of a bstard, wasn’t he. 😉

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    Hi Kevin, welcome to the blog.

    I think your sense of the ‘ire’ representing ‘displaced anger at NL’ is just about right – you can never be so disappointed in outsiders as you are at those you feel you ought to be able to regard as ‘family.’

    Every Old Labour voter will have a version of your list of grievances. One of my moments was the episode when Ken Livingstone was told he had to apologise to the Daily Mail journalist who was papping him as he left a do at about midnight and who Livingstone likened to a Nazi concentration camp guard, ‘You’re only doing your job aren’t you mate’. The bloke was upset because he himself was Jewish. So Livingstone advised him to check the history of his employer’s support for Fascists in WW2 and when the reporter bleated about his mistreatment and created ‘a furore’ Blair repeatedly told Livingstone to apologise for causing offence. Here, a choice between Freedom of Speech [against journos who know their own rights but couldn’t give a fart about the rights of others – & in law, even abusive language is covered in the FoS principal] versus Not Wanting to upset the Daily Mail = New Labour lost one voter.

    At the moment I get the impression there’s a half-arsed feeling in vague favour of the coalition – one, because it’s a new and interesting structure of government, and two, that you might as well give a chance to people who haven’t directly done the dirty on you.

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