The Coalition

I’m as cynical as the next man, in fact, I’m a lot more cynical than him. Unless I happen to know a person well (which often only makes matters worse) I can sometimes find it difficult to discern the good in people.

However, I’m a bit bored already of the old brigade and the broadcast media’s glib assumption that we all want to go along with their disparaging, hectoring tone of manufactured incredulity that any two collections of politicians could ever find common ground. If it means keeping New Labour away from power for a while I believe it might not only be possible, it might even be a good thing. The single most unedifying comment I’ve heard in the last few days was David Blunkett airing the view that the Liberal party was conducting itself ‘like every harlot in history.’ That’s the same David Blunkett who, as Home Secretary, fast-tracked his mistress’ Filipina nannies’ application for a work visa. Blunkett, a man of the people who never tired of extolling the virtues of the ordinary working-class salt-of-the-earth back in his constituency in Sheffield Brightside, chose for his mistress a rich man’s wife in Belgravia, and he got her in the family way while rolling about in her Filipina-laundered rose-scented silk bed-linen. Blunkett sent in m’learned friends with DNA certificates and the like as soon as there was any question raised about his access rights to the new child too. While all this certainly qualifies him to know a thing or two about the behaviour of harlots, it hardly makes him best placed to pontificate from the pulpit on the matter, does it?

I used to be Old Labour, myself, and as such I am programmed to find Conservatives repulsive; nonetheless I find myself unusually delighted to see the back of New Labour. The idea of voting for David Miliband is not one I can imagine myself entertaining either; he is the single most untrustworthy robotic individual around the NL wannabees and has that loathsome skill of making his way on to the telly night after night after night without ever saying anything that’s not about himself; it’s not hard to guess that he’s learned everything anyone could ever want to know about Machiavelli from the master, Lord Mandelson of Seaton Carew Esq. I noted Gordon blanked him as he went down the line of ‘well wishers’ shaking hands post-resignation; though I couldn’t really tell whether this was good thing or a bad thing I erred on the side of the latter.

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  1. markelt says:

    This is the problem with politics now. Milliband, Cameron, Clegg. Faced with them in a line up, you’d be struggling to distinguish them.

    I expect we’ll be having another election sooner rather than later, the Lib Dems might fall apart to some extent because there are a lot of Old Labour people amongst them who couldn’t stomach New Labour, or at least people with those sorts of convictions.

    Meanwhile the Conservatives couldn’t muster any really great will to vote for them amongst the public in spite of the fact NL clearly had to be replaced.

    All a bit depressing.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    At the most basic level, I think the election was a referendum on bastards that claim expenses for tins of Pedigree Chum. In that sense the voters achieved what they wanted by hanging them.

    It was a spectacularly duff result for Cameron in the circumstances of Brown + financial meltdown, but I think he sees the resulting situation as quite a useful one in that it might help keep the maniacs in his own party quiet for ten minutes.

    There are a few interesting quotes by key negotiator Norman Lamb (© all newspapers: Father of Tinchy Stryder’s manager*) in today’s EDP, the most revealing of which says they couldn’t get anything out of a Labour party who were behaving as though they were still the government rather than a potential negotiating partner.

    * I often say to the Mogul, ‘Do you tell them you’re an orphan, mate?’

  3. Daftburger says:

    Well said winger!

    Why don’t the media want this coalition succeeding? Is it because it makes their job harder and actually think beyond their entrenched ideas of what each party stands for? Is it because they’ve become part of the party machine and could lose influence and control. I’m looking at you Murdoch!

    I saw some interlectewal bloke on BBC News yesterday saying that they may have to get some new talking heads to explain the change as the old guard won’t like it or understand it!

    I really hope it is change and not the change I thought was going to happen when punk rock came around The great Rock n Roll Swindle. Imagine a group of politicians that really are there to serve us. I too am cynical but I guess desperation, maybe, makes me want to believe that this coalition could work. All I know is that the old system simply has grown too fat on it’s own self serving, imagined, feelings of self importance, not to mention expenses.

    If it doesn’t work we should just go to a one party system and vote for local individuals representing the one party. I mean the majority of people in this country aren’t educated enough to make an informed decision so why give them a choice. If you don’t agree I’ll kill you. It works well in China! 😉

    Why do we always feel sorry for the looser (;-)).

    P.S. No members of the House of Lords should ever hold a position in government. Lets stick to elected people eh?

    P.P.S There should be less Scottish people in government also..oh yeh thats already sorted now the Scottish political mafia have gone!

    P.P.P.S Nice to see the BNP doing well which shows that maybe there is some hope for dear old S-O-T!

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Too true about the Scottish mafia – I couldn’t believe my eyes when John Reid suddenly popped up cautioning against doing deals with the Liberals:

    Thought one: Where’ve you been hiding Jimmy Cranky?

    Thought two: And what’s your mandate for telling defeated NL what to do?

    It’d be nice to think that the interlectewall bloke is on to something, otherwise we’ll have to get used to the old brigade putting side-splitting pictures of Morecambe and Wise on the front pages for the next five years.

  5. johnnyneptune says:

    apparently i made newsnight on tuesday with my vociferous hectoring of various negotiating lib dem and tory mps

  6. makemeadiva says:

    Scottish mafiosa signing in: Campbell/Orsenico pedigree to nail the claim.

    The sight of those two is making me feel a bit bilious already.

    Interesting and a bit scary that they’ve already changed the name of the Dept for Children, Schools and Families back to the Old Skool Dept of Education…

    What next – canes? They might need them.

    Click on the old link, it’s a bit scary!

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    “A new UK Government took office on 11 May. As a result the content on this site may not reflect current Government policy.”


    I wouldn’t worry about the return of discipline under a Tory/Lib Govt – if they do anything about it at all it’ll probably only involve an orange, a pair of stockings, a stick of celery and a bottle of amyl nitrate in a room full of consenting males.

    Elsewhere, I’m rather enjoying the sight of Miliband, D as the only candidate. He’s looking like the sole member of the over-eager beaver club, is he not?

    NB: in your case we can weigh Essex girl in against the Scottish mafiaeriness : )

  8. OS says:

    I reckon they’re searching for the old British Bulldog Spirit to carry us through this lot. I’ve got news for them. Most of them are….

    …here 😉

    M le Etc.

  9. Daftburger says:

    Do I come over Jimmy Cranky? Llandudno where even OS would feel young! 😀

    NL is dead. Might as well give up and join in the ‘glasnost’ of the New Order, How does it feel, Politics (NOP) and a one party state!

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    I was referring to Reid as JC, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you 🙂

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    I find it hard to believe that a West Countryite such as yourself would ever heckle a Liberal.

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    Is that some sort of OS triple x site?

  13. johnnyneptune says:

    it’s true.

    i made chris huhne jump.

  14. Stephen Foster says:

    is there a er missing there?

  15. OS says:

    I was looking for your mum there. 🙂


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