It’s all too thrilling for words

but it’s hitting the traffic on here big time. Here is my idea for an anti-coalition Machiavellian teaser campaign:


\o/ My new recipe for fig rolls \o/

If we could get an agreement on the biscuits, that would see us through a few of these interminable squabbles about bombs and stuff

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9 Responses to It’s all too thrilling for words

  1. makemeadiva says:

    Will fig rolls divide readers, like Marmite and Beefy Brown.

    I won’t say which side I come down on.

    Go for your life.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    If I was a gambling man I’d say a custard-hater would be unlikely to turn out pro-figs : )

  3. makemeadiva says:

    I will not be drawn on this.

    But you are stone wrong.

  4. Patty Gross says:

    Figs rule!!!! Yum!

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    “every self-respecting gangsta’s favourite tea-time treat, the fig roll. Reespect!”

    At least I’m on the right lines 🙂

  6. OS says:

    I prefer a nice digestive. At my age I don’t need figs or pimps.

    Isn’t it all exciting. Just watched ‘Old Thumper’ putting down a heckler on the green outside the HoC. I prefer him when he’s not sucking up to power.


  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Do you mean “Two Jabs?”

    And what did he say?

  8. OS says:

    Yes, ‘Two Jabs’.

    >And what did he say?

    “Oh shut up will you and let’s talk some common sense.” Something along those lines.

    It’s all over now. Time for some caviar and meet pies. 😉


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