I don’t think we’re in Norwich anymore, Toto

We celebrated Trezza’s book launch in London last night and woke up this morning in a hotel in Brick Lane. I walked out one minute before 8.30 to feed the meter and to find supplies of coffee and sustenance. A short way up the road was a Polling Station with a full selection of candidates standing expectantly on the pavement outside (including a Bangladeshi man wearing a Respect rosette on his robe). Only the Liberal Democrat said Good Morning to me (I looked a bit rough, to be fair). On my return walk – laden down with hunter-gatherer-acquired cinnamon buns from a Souk under a railway arch – a yellow VW Camper van was pulled up outside the Polling Station, its occupants trading banter with the pollster types. This turned out to be the advertisorial tour-bus of the Shoreditch Chapter of the Lib Dems. It was piloted by a couple of dudes who looked like they’d walked straight off the set of Mad Men. I came quite close, then, to feeling a frisson of Cleggmania.

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4 Responses to I don’t think we’re in Norwich anymore, Toto

  1. OS says:

    The people have spoken. But what have they said. Oh dear. 😦

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    “We hate you Jock, we don’t like you either Lord Snooty and as for you Nick we were only pulling your [C]leg[g] in those early opinion polls.”

  3. makemeadiva says:

    I saw a VW van teapot this week.

    It was only a tenner, all style no substance.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Sounds an ideal vessel for stashing winnings.

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