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Some Mondays are just oh so very quiet on the Anglia Newsdesk. After they’d done a piece on the new surface drainage in Great Yarmouth (after this mind, not before) they dropped down to Essex (they only go to Essex in moments of desperation) to do a story on the new Hollywood-style sign as below which has been erected by the local council at a cost of £400,000 to ‘promote the town’. Some things are just intrinsically amusing, are they not?

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5 Responses to Anglia News

  1. makemeadiva says:

    That sign is wrong.

    Everyone in Essex knows it should say either:




  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I thought you would have something to say about that one : )


    would look nice.

  3. makemeadiva says:

    Now I’ve got flipping l’esprit d’escalier. It must be catching. How, how in the name of all that is orange did Foxy Basil miss out in Orange Week.

    I don’t actually know anything about Basildon except that I have taught at Probation there. That was all I needed to know.

  4. Daftburger says:

    BAS’ I’ LO’D’N

  5. makemeadiva says:

    Apparently an eye-witness report from White Van Man states: the letters stand as high as me and they are begging for some graffiti.

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