In Norwich II

So I start the walk this morning and before we’ve got going we’re approached by an elderly couple with a curly haired dog, perhaps a Labradoodle. ‘Is that a Saluki?’ the woman asks. ‘Yes,’ I say.
Then there’s a bit of blah blah about names and stuff
‘We used to have Salukis,’ she says, ‘What a nightmare they are.’
‘He can be somewhat disobedient,’ I reply.
Then the man says his first words: ‘Two of them we used to have – jumped out of the back of an Austin in the Dartford tunnel one day.’
“Crikey, I said, ‘That’s just about as bad as it gets, isn’t it?’
‘Yes,’ they both say. ‘But it was in the sixties when there was much less traffic.’
‘Did you get them back?’ I asked.
‘In the end,’ they say. I want to know more, but they are on their way. Perhaps the memory is still painful.

Butter wouldn’t melt. I like the effect of hand held with the flash off, it’s like an instant Richter (we’ve been here before).

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14 Responses to In Norwich II

  1. calvininjax says:

    Wonderful image. Great job!

  2. OS says:

    Boo’i’fuw. Really boo’i’fuw.

  3. OS says:

    NB: my window cleaner, Dave, has got a Saluki cross. He’s a proper dog man…as they say. He goes lamping with his. ‘Mad as a hatter he is’ he says, ‘but he can catch wind’. He loves Jasper and wants to take him ratting. But he would have cropped his tail. He’s got chance of either happening.

    BTW, Swiss is wanting to have his balls cut off. Jaspers…not his. Not sure exactly when, but I’m not looking forward to it. I need to make sure he’s doing the right thing. I think that it’s Jaspers constant humping of everything that moves whichg might decide the matter. He’s a randy little sod. 😦


  4. OS says:

    Insert a ‘zero’ between got and chance.

  5. makemeadiva says:

    My own orange dog jumped out of my moving car’s window in Savernake Forest once.

    It’s a bit odd seeing your back seat passenger running along in the wing mirror.

  6. Pel says:

    I like that effect too and Richter is the boss so you’re allowed to do it again! I’ve just taken some photos of constructions I set up in the studio of shiney objects, Eileen Quinlan styley, they look really ethereal. They have that similar soft blurred effect but with an abstract composition. Maybe I’ll post you some of my work one day. I’ve just been looking at an artist called Olafur Eliasson, good stuff…..if you’re into all that space, light and perception malarky that is. Byeeeee

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Better than receding from view though : )

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    * Maybe I’ll post you some of my work one day. *


  9. Stephen Foster says:

    I don’t know whether that will stop the humping or not Os, but others might.

    Ollie came de-tackled, Dills has still got his … he’s never been all that keen on humping, he’s too aloof for such common behaviour : )

  10. chiffs says:

    What I like about this pic is the composition – you can’t lie about on the sofa hoping it’ll just come out, you have to work on it.

  11. Pel says:

    Just made me think of my friends very big cross breed dog, Henry. We had broken down on the motorway and the tow man wasn’t too keen to have big old Henry in the cab of his truck with me, my friend and my son. So, poor Henry had to sit in the car that was being towed, he was frowning so hard. When I looked back to see if he was ok, there he was sitting bolt upright in the drivers seat looking just like a big angry driver. Oh my god, we laughed so much, wish I’d taken a photo. Even the grumpy tow man cracked his face.

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    : )

  13. OS says:

    Pel, that is funny. Really!

    I remember once many moons ago, I was on my way to Cornwall with the family and our three dogs. I was towing a caravan, so wasn’t going very fast on the motorway when we were passed by a car towing a low trailer. On that trailer was a very large dog kennel with the entrance to it facing backwards. There was a St Bernard lying in the kennel with it’s head draped on it’s paws. He wasn’t the slightest bit bothered as he lay there, literally, watching the world go by. Our three dogs were in the caravan. I’ve often thought about that moment because it makes me realise just what lengths dog owners will go to make sure they’re not parted from their mutts.

  14. Pel says:

    Only just seen that comment OS. I can’t visit the blog all the time so I miss stuff. Animals bring such pleasure don’t they? I really do miss not having a dog around, my old dog lived till he was twenty! I have always had cats too, they seek me out, they know I won’t turn them away. I’m too busy out of the house at present to take on the commitment of a pooch. I will again though.

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