I am very tired

after an emotional weekend in S-o-T, but I am not quite tired enough not to have to say how irritating that BT ad family are becoming. As I lay on a cushion feeling wan this evening I found that I am now being required to engage with the birth father of the children. We have never seen this chap before, for all we know he was dead, but now he has been bought in like an emergency plot device in Dynasty. The girl informs this father on the ‘BT dedicated ooh aren’t land lines so great for keeping up with your absent kids’ line that her Mam is to be marrying ‘Adam.’ I don’t know this bloke from Adam. The father looks so shocked – my God, the ex I never think about is doing something; meanwhile the Mother involuntarily spits out her wine as she hears the girl give away the amazing revelation to a walk-on from central casting. NO ONE CARES, NO ONE HAS EVER CARED. YOU’RE ALL JUST ACTORS FROM SOMETHING NO ONE CAN EVEN REMEMBER.

Note: has the Mam never seen the ad about the hazards of drinking wine, about how it makes you look like you’re being x-rayed and how it causes all your hair and teeth to fall out?

* Hangs up *

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5 Responses to I am very tired

  1. daftburger says:

    lucky wan! xx

    It’s just a rehash of the coffee adverts that no one gave a toss about!

    Is it wrong and slightly sick to ponder what would have happened if the man ‘mam’ is going to marry had actually died (we’re talking ‘real’ life here) in his accident last year?

  2. makemeadiva says:

    You think you’ve got a problem with tv advertising! Local radio advertising is way worse. We practically re-enacted the wine-spitting when a 6yo once asked what a condom was.

    How do you know about that I asked. Oh it’s on the radio every night she said. And I thought she was listening to golden oldies.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I think the Mam’s going to have a wobble anyway, invest in a Vodafone pay as you go, and start a fling with her ex. That should give the current one something to have an accident about.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    She should listen to more Tinchy Stryder, that is toatlly PG rated entertainment : )

  5. Julie Hill says:

    Obviously feeling wan sharpens your tongue! Like it – you’ve given me a laugh tonight. 🙂

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