World of the Weird

Short story from today’s Eastern Daily Press (regular visitors may have noted that this organ is my principal source of information regarding goings-on in the outside world) –

Driver walking dog

A dog owner too lazy to walk his pet has lost his driving licence after getting caught walking the animal while driving his car.
Paul Railton, 23, of County Durham, had wound down the window of his Nissan Navarra to exercise his lurcher when police caught him.
Officers reported seeing him driving at 5mph along a country lane.

Meanwhile, in other canine news, here is a sighting of a hound either finished with, or preparing to read, an appropriately-titled book. It looks like some awful cutesy set-up shot I quite agree, but the plain truth of the matter is that this is how I found him.

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5 Responses to World of the Weird

  1. makemeadiva says:

    How funny. That story was on the BBC site on Monday. This means it must take a few days for news to travel as widely as Norfolk…

    I thought it was a pretty good idea myself.

    My colleague recommended Dylan’s reading matter to me this very day; I wonder what Dylan has to say about it?

  2. chiffs says:

    That book WAS strategically placed – by a certain human trying to stop a certain dog from getting on a certain bed. Didn’t work though, did it?

  3. markelt says:

    What next? Put sunglasses on the poor beast and send a picture in to Heat? 🙂

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    or Zoo? * : )

    * do they still have that or was it assimilated into Nuts?!

  5. markelt says:

    They are essentially exactly the same thing anyway.

    I only know this because we got some pics of a product into one of them so had to buy the things. Remarkable that they are.

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