It happens every time

one minute you’re thinking: One unidentifiable Austrian after another wearing goggles and a helmet bombs down a snowy hill. Big deal. It’s not even a spectator sport, never mind some sort of phony global event.

The next minute you’re completely gripped by ‘Snowboard Cross’ in which four skateboarders at a time bomb down a hill pretending not to be trying to knock each other off the side; inbetween rolling around laughing your head off at the crashes you suddenly and for no apparent reason find yourself shouting for the Frenchman to get past that effing Canadian.

Don’t forget the catalogue model ‘posing arms’ guys

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5 Responses to It happens every time

  1. Bilbo says:

    I’ve just fallen down the stairs. It’s ok, I’m shaken, but not stirred. Story of my life. I’ve finished upside down in an artic in Carlisle: been buried twice down the pit, fallen off the top of the King’s Hall onto some dustbins and straight into the arms of a copper who locked me up for the night, and now this. Never broken a bone in my body in my life. I’d be great at snowboard coastering. 😉

    NB: I would have been shouting for the Canadian.


  2. Bilbo says:

    I forgot the episode at Shaffers. Perhaps they should bring out an Olympic sport for falling downstairs. I’d win the gold medal for sure. 🙂


  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Quite. I hate to ask, but what were you doing on top of the King’s Hall?

  4. Bilbo. says:

    You really shouldn’t have axed. 😉

    I was exagerating a bit…I was three quarters the way up a drainpipe trying to sneak in without paying. We used to do it every week on saturday nights. I think they cottoned on what was happening and put barbed wire at the top of the drainpipe. Being drunk and disorderly as was the norm for me in those far off days of rock ‘n’ roll, and being leader of the pack and the fool to boot, I got to go first. Anyways, I puts me hand on the bloody barbed wire and let go. Lucky for me, my two mates were following closely. So, I fell and they fell. We all landed on the dustbins. As is my lot in life, I was knocked almost unconcious and lay across the bins moaning like a stuck pig. Along comes plod. My mates do a runner and I get stuck in a cell with a good hiding for company and they let me out at six in the morning and I walked home to The Meir in the pouring rain. But it was worth it. Life is brilliant when you’re 18. 🙂


  5. Stephen Foster says:


    Common as muck.

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