A quiet day for Miss Nightshade

The race was not run in the dark because, (of course), the sun sets in the west; ergo while it is becoming dusky over here on the Eastern seaboard it is more than bright enough to see the goings on down in Exeter. Sadly, or perhaps happily, these goings on were rather prosaic. Miss N was subject to a late jockey change due to a bad fall in the race before involving Tom O’Brien who would have been on board. Rushed instructions must have been delivered to O’Brien’s substitute, W S Kittow, since, after her epic efforts at unseating the entire field on her last outing, Miss Nightshade was settled three lengths to the rear thus giving her no real chance to enjoy herself. I was hoping that the safety-first approach might also be doubling up as ‘holding tactics’ but this was a forlorn wish. My fancy was never too interested in her work, though she did travel forwards towards the end finishing a comfortable 7th out of the fourteen who completed from a starting line-up of sixteen. The blog is not abandoning faith in our girl yet, but the real one to enter in the notebook was the winner, Wishfull Thinking, who recorded his three-timer at 5/2 fav and absolutely hosed up to win by 20 lengths. Wishfull Thinking’s victory encapsulated the slings and arrows of jump racing: the winner was trained by Philip Hobbs, who lost a horse in the penultimate heat: Rock Celtic was making his third start over obstacles (and was also sent off favourite). He had to be put to sleep after the accident involving Tom O’Brien. They say there is nothing worse than taking an empty box home; that is only too easy to believe.

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  1. makemeadiva says:

    Sending coals to Newcastle on my own blog I see – sorry!

    On a positive note she jumped quite nicely despite all the messing about in between which shows she can at least hurdle if the fancy takes her.

    G Supple on Monreale was a ride worth noting. He was either doing an excellent job on a recalcitrant bugger, or failing to disguise a run for competitive handicap mark.

    V sad about Rock Celtic. I really hate that side of it.

    Now, I have bought some of the smelly water to go in the iron to see if it can inspire me…

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