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The Reverend Al Green

and the healing power of soul music. Advertisements

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Poor kids

Ryan Shawcross and Aaron Ramsey; I feel very sorry for both of them. It certainly killed the match off as something you wanted to continue watching.

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I nearly had someone to vote for there

I did giggle when I heard that awful man/heroic twerp Nigel Le Farage of UKIP saying this on the radio about the new European president Herman van Rompuy: ‘I don’t want to be rude but, really, you have the charisma … Continue reading

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I think I’ve used this picture before but as I’m about to swirl down the vortex of writing a novel this blog could easily become [more] repetitive and catatonic over the coming months. I could stop updating except that would … Continue reading

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Sporting Stop Press

Stoke Scruffs 3-1 Middle Eastlands Considerably Richer than You Moneybags Bring on those swingers from Fulham Road. Turkish ace Tuncay Şanlı – only cost as much as Robinho’s earlobe

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If I were a cartoonist

I’d probably be considerably richer than I am, or possibly even poorer, depending. Dylan does not like rain at all, which has somehow led me to find this:

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This is not a rain dance

This is the blog’s first foray into hosting the naked form: I am posting in the hope these ladies are doing a fertility waltz to hasten in spring – snow is great but this boring sleet is beginning to dull … Continue reading

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