The Amazon World Ranking

All writers are obsessed with this figure, checking it every hour on the hour in the early days of a book release. And She Laughed No More never did all that much on this basis, or any other basis either, down mainly to the absolute hash made of its publication and the attendant absence of publicity, rather than to any inherent fault in the beauty of the writing [wink here], but then Walking Ollie was never in the top 100 for more than five minutes even though it was in the Sunday Times charts for more than a couple of months: the vast majority of sales of that title went out through supermarkets and WH Smith. I tracked ASLNM online today – it had a small fillip as I thought it might (in with a bullet from 121,220th bestselling to about 6,000th : ) as a consequence of the publicity surrounding the defeat of the Arsenal. If only we could beat them every day, I might get my career back on track.

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3 Responses to The Amazon World Ranking

  1. Jan says:

    i enjoyed watching them on the telly Sunday!!! 🙂 Hope they continue to do well. (I dont know much about football as I expect you know!!)

  2. mum says:

    Hola ( not that this will do your bank balance any good ) but I have a request from your brother for a copy of ASLNM . It was more in the region of a little complaint realy lol !! People have got copies in Spain and I havn,t got my signed copy !! 🙂 x

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Typical freeloading bredren : )

    I already emailed him asking for his current address when he made the same complaint to me but as yet no reply.

    Email me if you have it…

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