Special post for parapsych

Parapsych is a friend who has been wasting his life on football messageboards being ironical and bitter and satirical for even longer than I have – he is, in many ways, the Kenneth Williams of Stoke City’s support. He has left me a message elsewhere saying that he has stumbled blindly upon this blog and that something about it has put him in mind of dogs, he can’t think why.

Here is one of the great Matt’s from last week (I wouldn’t want the blog to be too topical or anything, para would only have some barbed remark to make about our place in the zeitgeist.)

I think the dog wants to go out!

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9 Responses to Special post for parapsych

  1. OS says:

    A better analogy of Para would be a young Victor Meldrew.

  2. calvininjax says:

    “‘Ere, Tone, stop messin’ about.”

    The Kenneth Williams of Stoke City’s support.

    The cartoon reminds me of a Goons sketch featuring Minnie (Milligan) and Henry (Sellers).

    Minnie: Henry. The cat wants to go out.

    Henry: How do you know, Min?

    Minnie: It’s got its hat and coat on.

    Also from the Goons.

    Neddy Seagoon: I opened the door in my pyjamas.

    Bluebottle: I didn’t know you had a door in your pyjamas.

    They don’t write stuff like that any more.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    “‘Ere, Tone, stop messin’ about.” 🙂

    OS – SheikhMomo is already Victor Meldrew, don’t tell me there are two of them.

    (Pls excuse this blog while it goes all cliquey.)

  4. OS says:

    Momo is the elder, stiffer reincarnation. Para is the slim pre-pubescent one.

    We’ll be having the enigmatic genius, Gareth, on here soon unless we’re careful. All will be lost then. Did you see that brilliant linky about dolls he put on Awag? I’ve ordered one. An Aryan version that doesn’t snore.

    God help us all if Momo finds us. Can you imagine it!

    And us riff-raff.

    Oh dear. 😦

    M. Le etc…

  5. OS says:

    Oh, Daftbugger and Sith were incuded in ‘riff-raff’, as was Von Elt. Calvin is above reproach.

  6. Daftburger says:

    You cheeky owd git I’m not in any riff raff or clique. I never disciminate, I hate everybody and live in glorious isolation plotting the downfall of everyone! 😀

    Some may say (Oasis) that since the ‘clique’ stopped posting regularly the oatie has died a slow, painful and lingering death, although some may say that was sucking up to the clique!! 😦

    I suppose it’s the price of sucksess! Just wait until Gordons 250,000 underpriviledged get their free computers and intyrenet. Dear old S-O-T must be in line for at least 150,000 of them! 😀 What next voting online! 😉

  7. johnnyneptune says:

    i don’t know whether to be more cross at being included in ‘riff raff’ or at being included with a host of sjoke fans

    whatever elt says, it’s just not true.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘At heart everyone is a Stokie.’

    Elt’s great truism extends further into your soul than is the case with most, Neptune. You’ve even got a Stokies’ traditional love of poles, AND you’ve got the pictures to prove it.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    One that happens those unwashed hoards will make the great Wezo who once saw Thommo in Greggs but couldn’t be bothered to say Hello to him look like Shakespeare.

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