One for Old Stokie & Daftburger

To the mid-right you will see a JR which put me very much in mind of Jasper. I would have had a shot of him (or her) chasing Dylan except that Dylan run off frit and went behind a bush as soon as the animal approached. In this picture it is on its way back to its owner who is shouting stuff at it, stage left.

This is an evidential shot to show Dylan safely in the car post-water jump. Pls note the original Potters sticker on the rear screen. (It’s a bit cramped and not his normal carriage: that is a priceless [after what I’ve spent on it] antique with an auto box and rear wheel-drive: useless in snow.)

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  1. Jan says:

    Glad to see Dylan looking ok and lovely! 🙂
    My olliehas been in the wars today. 😦 My hubby took him out to Burnham Beeches in the snow and he did his usual disappearing act but instead of coming back within a few minutes like he normally does he was gone for ages and said hubby had to yell his head off for him. Ollie eventually returned but he must have gone through a fence or something, we arent sure, and got himself caught up, and he has ripped all the skin off his beautiful chest and had to spend the afternoon in the Vets having it put right. He now has loads of stitches and staples and is laying there looking very sorry for himself and whining from time to time.
    We are at present £450 worse off! Hopefully will get that back from the Insurance.
    Thank goodness these Vets can do such miracles though. We have been so worried about him. 😦

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Hi Jan, sorry to hear about Ollie. It must be the name that causes so much trouble … I’m sure he’ll be okay, they are tough old boots really.

    These are the moments you wonder if there are night courses where you can train in animal first aid though, aren’t they.

    all best wishes, S

  3. chiffs says:

    Jan, Love and kisses to your Ollie, the ripped skin is horrible but it will heal well hopefully, and you must be so relieved to have him back safe.

  4. Patty Gross says:

    Oh Jan…I am very sorry to hear of your dear Ollie’s accident and injuries. It is so difficult to watch them in such a state, but I am sure he will be just fine! They really are tough little creatures, much more so than we are. Please keep us updated on Ollie’s progress, I do care about him. Patty from Maine.

  5. Daftburger says:

    Thanks thats such a relief! Pity you have shown him to be such a wimp and the opposite to the flying hero in the other picture! 🙂

    Anyone see that programme on BBC2 last night, The secret life of Dogs? Fascinating stuff! Maybe needs a fred on it’s own?

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    “Pity you have shown him to be such a wimp and the opposite to the flying hero in the other picture!”

    You have to relax in your box after a morning of being intrepid Mr Burger.

  7. Jan says:

    I really enjoyed that programme. 🙂 it WAS fascinating!! 🙂

  8. Jan says:

    Thank you for everyone’s nice and supportive comments about Ollie. 🙂 He is brighter today, thank goodness. If anything I think it is the fact that he has to wear that undignified hood and also that he cant go gallivanting off when we take him out. He had a short walk on the lead today and you would have thought it was the end of the world cos he couldnt run! He is still whining his head off at home though. He is not one for sitting still for long unless he is very tired. I get the impression he is NOT going to make a very good patient. :/
    Lurchers are such funny dogs though, arent they?! If anything happens that he is not sure about he just freezes. It took me ages to get him to take a drink with the hood on, and he really was thirsty!
    I always remember when Carey had injuries years ago and she wasnt allowed to run about on walks. The minute we got indoors she would have a mad fit galloping all round the house and up the stairs!

  9. Jan says:

    I forgot to mention, Iwish I had trained to be a Vet so I could help my animals when they hurt themselves! :/

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    “Lurchers are such funny dogs though, arent they?! If anything happens that he is not sure about he just freezes.”


  11. Jan says:

    That just made me laugh and laugh, Stephen, what you said about ‘ the routine’!!!! Ollie drives us nuts with it. He has this routine at bedtime whereby Carey goes to toilet out the front, then when she comes in he has to go out the back. Then he thinks it’s up the wooden hill to bed. God forbid if we decide to stay up a bit longer to watch something on tv. He runs upstairs, runs down again, paces about until we both give up and end up going to bed! He is only happy when the routine is adhered to! What is with these dogs?!!!

  12. Patty Gross says:

    Well, Jan, you have certainly solved that puzzle for us! Drzl does that, runs up and down the stairs, giving us this “I’m on to something very urgent” look. We always thought she had seen a bear out her window or someone lurking about the yard….so we would go to the door and check everything out. Hmmmmmm, now that I think about it she does always calm right down when we go on up to bed too. Yes, lurchers are a breed all their own!

  13. Jan says:

    I think Ollie is going to give me grey hairs very fast!!

  14. Jan says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Ollie is improving as far as his injiury is concerned. I wasnt sure where else to post this so hope everyone sees it. His staples are due to come out on Thursday ( he had some out last night! 🙂 ) and then the dreaded buster collar can finally come off. He has been a miseryguts lately because he is so fed up with having to wear it and not being able to run off lead. He keeps pacing about and throwing himself down on the floor/ settee/dog bed!! I am looking forward to the day when he can go galloping off again, although he will probably run off into orbit the minute we set him free and we will never see him again!!!
    The sad thing is where he ripped all the skin off, one of his lovely tan patches on his chest seems to have vanished and is growing back black!! That will be different I suppose!!
    Just thought I would let you all know anway. Hopefully next week me and my Ollie will be back on our daily travels again! I cannot wait!!! :)))

  15. Stephen Foster says:

    Good luck Ollie! The new black-not-tan patch is one of the war wounds all hounds must acquire on their ‘journey’ (as they say on all the reality shows : )

    Pls give an update when he is back on the road…

  16. Jan says:

    He already had a small scar on one of his front feet when we got him and he acquired another one on his belly, not long after we got him, from charging through barbed wire after bunnies. This latest one is going to be a humdinger of a scar though! Hope it will be his last! Fingers crossed!

    I meant to say earlier that when we got Ollie from the rescue centre in Ascot, they had named him Tarquin, but I couldnt honestly see myself shouting that across tha park, so we have kept that as his ‘show name’ and we renamed him Ollie.
    I will let you know how i goes when heis finally ‘set free’ again. 🙂

  17. Jan says:

    News on my boy! Ollie had his staples out on Thursday night, but he has a small sore patch in the middle of the scar which he won’t leave alone so we still keep having to put the dreaded buster collar back on him, ‘specially at night. :/ He has been galloping free across Dorney Common again, to his delight, but we are trying to keep him away from bushes/ barbed wire etc. so he doesnt aggravate the sore patch. It is just so lovely to be able to let him go again, and to see him doing the thing he loves best…running, of course!
    I had to tell you, Stephen, as we were walking back to the van today after our walk on the common, some sort of 4×4 stopped near us by the side of the road ( I am not hot on makes of cars!) and a door opened and out flew four beautiful champagne (?) coloured salukis.I have never seen a saluki ‘ in the flesh’ before, but I recognised the breed from seeing photos of Dylan.
    We think the owners must have been gypsies because they didnt walk their dogs in the normal way. Instead they just drove their vehicle onto and acfross the common and let the dogs chase along behind them, which is a very dangerous thing to do, there being a quite busy road that runs throuhg the common. I must admit it was a beautiful sight, these dogs streaming across the grass, but the youngest and smallest of the quartet came over to Ollie, so I let him off to meet him. He was such a beautiful young dog, but so THIN. 😦 I felt so sorry for him, I wanted to just cart him off to the van and take him home with me, but the owners whistled and shouted and he slunk off with his tail between his legs. 😦 He seemed like he wanted to come wth us. 😦

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