Mr Pastry on Ice

This is Richard Lewis Hearne, aka Mr Pastry, the first man to have his own children’s tv show live from the studios at Anglia. He played ‘a bumbling old man with a walrus moustache in a black suit or raincoat’. Mr Pastry is standing in front of the Forum, which is Norwich’s library, cafe, radio studio etc. The Forum is glass fronted, the church, which looks as if it might be inside the building, is in fact the reflection of St Peter Mancroft which stands opposite the Forum across the plaza, or rather, to give it its real name, Millennium Plain.

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16 Responses to Mr Pastry on Ice

  1. OS says:

    Its a pity Naaaarwich is in the back of beyond. It really is a City to match and even better most others in this country. What’s the night life like, winger? 😉

    Back to the subject matter. That is a fantastic bit of skulptiring and an equally good photo with the church reflection. Better than your bloody rectangles/squares. The snow helps as well.


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    There is this restaurant called Roti that is even better than Shaffers according to Trezza. Hard to believe I know. Come over whenever you see fit and make your own comparison. I’ll get Ben the Hat to pay.

    Back to the subject: nothing is better than rectangles though these sculptures are not bad for non-regular items.

    nb: Watch out for tomorrow’s edition – I might be keeping a rectangular Ice sculpture up my sleeve!

  3. chiffs says:

    Is he holding an iced bun?

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    tee hee.

  5. OS says:

    “There is this restaurant called Roti that is even better than Shaffers according to Trezza. Hard to believe I know. Come over whenever you see fit and make your own comparison.”

    Funny you should stay that. At the last gathering of the BS when you weren’t there, we binned the trip to Amsterdam and decided we would all be descending on you for 3/4 days. Swiss was apopopoplectic at first because this is his 40th bash, but he soon warmed to the idea when I told him how good your home made steak and kidley pie and Aunt Bessie’s Oven Chips were and Eli was relieved that we wouldn’t be taking him away from his beloved at such a critical time. Mr Pink had a devilish look in his eye when we agreed it. We’re all looking forward to it now so make the neccesary arrangements. 😉


  6. chiffs says:

    Ironing the duvets as I type!

  7. makemeadiva says:

    I wanted to see Jimi…

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Well, Norwich is almost the same as Amsterdam except the red light district is just two sheep and a snaggle-toothed farmer’s wife with tractor trailer optional. So as long as you’re happy with that, fine. There’s a choice of B&Bs down the road.

    PS: What Shaffers do was this that I wasn’t invited to you cliquey gits?

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Hold on…

  10. OS says:

    “There’s a choice of B&Bs down the road.”

    Get stuffed!

    “Ironing the duvets as I type!”

    ChiffS knows stuff.

    “What Shaffers do was this that I wasn’t invited to you cliquey gits?”

    It wasn’t. It was a meet outside Delilah’s Bar and we discussed it when TTB was having one of his existenshull moment perched in that bush. You’re going to have a good time, Boy. And I need to see my other (wayward) son, Philip. 😉

    GGOS. XXX [ng]

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    Fine, but how am I supposed to get up to the usual shenanigans under the watchful eye?

    May I suggest a Review of the idea of Amsterdam.

  12. chiffs says:

    No you may not.

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    I feel I might be skating on thin ice here! Gedditt!!

  14. OS says:

    “May I suggest a Review of the idea of Amsterdam.”

    No. That’s binned. Definitely. You’re not too pleased. Swiss is not too pleased. Mr Pink and Eli and I think landing on you is a good idea. We live in a democracy. 3 votes to 2 says you’re out. Think positive. There must be some on this new idea, although, except for seeng ChiffS again, I can’t think of one at the moment. Lemonade from lemons sort of thing. 😉


  15. Stephen Foster says:

    You can land on me and we can do stuff, but why is it so definitely binned? We could be with Dutch people, it’d be great.

  16. OS says:

    Nowt wrong with Dutch people. There’s too much going on first six months of 2010 for some of us. I’m in Portugal in March or April and no matter how much he pretends that he’s still a free agent, Eli needs to be ‘in the vicinity’ from the beginning of May onwards. Stuff happens with wimmen that we can’t go into on here. Mr Pink is gadding in June or July and then we’re into the silly prices season. Maybe later in the year when things have settled. Think yourself lucky that we haven’t forgotten about you. That’s why we’re coming to doss down with you cus we know how much you miss us. 2011 is my year. We’ll combine it with Swiss’s missed 2010 and have a good one then. I’m thinking of a few days at Clakton-on-Sea. 😉


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