Would it be too much

for the blog to host its inaugural Rectangle Week?

Monogold, MG 11, 1961

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22 Responses to Would it be too much

  1. johnnyneptune says:

    lots of rectangles here:

    i fear you’re falling for the golden ratio.

  2. makemeadiva says:

    I s’pose not, providing you type it all in Pantonese.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I’ve always loved the Golden Section.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    You mean in a series of colour swatches?

  5. makemeadiva says:


    I’m too late, it’s been done 😦

  6. Panini Pete. says:


  7. makemeadiva says:

    On reflection I find stripes more jolly…

    Some of Patrick Heron’s maybe?

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Well, a square is a rectangle isn’t it – I believe they call it a ‘perfect rectangle’ in the world of pure maths and sums; if I’m honest, I find its uniformity a bit oppressive.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Heron may be TOO jolly for this, but I might be able to fit some Ben Nicholson into a ‘rectangle request’ slot…

    nb: don’t you all forget to watch the denouement of School of Saatchi tonight…

  10. johnnyneptune says:

    et wa la bingo bango – art is basically all about being lucky enough to walk past something interesting in the street.

  11. markelt says:

    Isn’t it about seeing the magic in something? Like.

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    I’ve always seen the magic in Eugenie, and I don’t think it’s eluded Mr Saatchi either.

    I have just been bad mouthing you to Neptune on the txt grey-man (‘you sound like grey-man,’ I said, as he moaned about the winner’s ‘talents’). I take it back now.

  13. johnnyneptune says:

    not only did he badmouth you to me, he sent me a picture of his dog, asleep.

    an arty sepia picture at that.

  14. makemeadiva says:

    I have been trying to watch that show on i-player. I got up to the rags sewn together to make a rock.

    You should have prefaced these comments with: if you don’t want to know the results look away now!

    Incidentally Samuel shewed us his magnets months ago in the gallery over the road and if it had been a public phone in vote (you know the rest)

  15. Panini Pete. says:

    It is of course a rectangle but equally a square as all corners are at 90 degrees.

  16. Stephen Foster says:

    That was not arty, that WAS art.

  17. Stephen Foster says:

    Sorry, but you would probably have seen it in the Local Gazette before you got to the end of the iplaying. Would you?

  18. makemeadiva says:

    Ha! You are right about the i-player Mr Foster.

    But I have a new weapon as of this morning… i-player on the tv (no crashing \o/) and when I am fully acquainted with the facts of Modern Art, I will launch into a diatribe such as has never been witnessed on wordpress 😉

    Actually, I went to bed last night quite put out about the whole whistle on a handrail thing.

  19. Stephen Foster says:

    Put out? Didn’t you like it!

  20. makemeadiva says:

    I am rather in the Head of Art at the Barbican’s camp.

    If the delectable Eugenie isn’t on hand to explain these things to us are they not puzzling? I am puzzled enough without being further muddled up.

    I am saving the last episode.

    I think Saatchi must be incredibly fat. I expect he made light work of the chapatis.

    Sorry. I do like elements of it all. Other elements make me think like those awful beige greys wandering around Sudeley Castle 😦

  21. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘I think Saatchi must be incredibly fat.’

    This is a credible theory and a great idea. If only one of them had been sharp & brave enough to have done it as their piece in letters 10ft high made out of piles of Nigella’s books.

  22. markelt says:

    I once watched Lisa Stansfield at a party seeing the magic in a pool of spilt beer for an unfeasibly long time. Drugs may have been involved.

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