Behind Today’s Window

A dog in a manger, no crib for a bed… Better make do with a sofa, then. You’d think I’d set that up, wouldn’t you, but no, this is how he was found. That ‘Dalmatian’ is the first animal he’s really warmed to since Ollie. He’s not even chewed his head off. Yet.

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8 Responses to Behind Today’s Window

  1. calvininjax says:

    Wonderful pic. Not a care in the world.

  2. chiffs says:

    Dylan would like to thank Philip and Jane for the lovely dalmatian, and please don’t tell that Chiffs lady.

  3. chiffs says:

    ps must get eyes tested: little white dots are back

  4. OS says:

    LOL. Great pic.

    OS. xx

  5. Patty says:

    Glad you mentioned seeing the white dots, chiffs. Great dalmation Dylan has there. Beautiful photo of him sleeping by his new “pal.” He has the face of an angel. 🙂

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    I had to order the snow special delivery last year – this year it’s come of its own accord unannounced!

    How exciting!

  7. Geraldine says:

    Did it come on the post?

  8. Jan says:

    Lovely,lovely Dylan. 🙂 That’s a beautiful picture. 🙂

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