Blue Sunday

I went to photograph a dog and owner yesterday for the pitch for the forthcoming, ‘A Nation of Dog Lovers- the purebred, the allsorts, the rescued and the saved.’ (Possible subtitle). We already know Blue (below) from his early days when he had many a skirmish or two with Ollie and (as sanctioned by Ollie), Dylan. He is about Dylan’s age. I have a great photograph of him with his owner, but for now that is under wraps. He’s a Labradoodle of enormous vim, vigour, charm and exuberance (he only knocked me over twice). Funnily enough, regular blog contributor makemeadiva (who also has a great picture and story in for the pitch) has blogged a compelling piece about another animal called Blue today here.

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  1. Patty says:

    Well, he’s sure a handsome boy. Look at those eyes! Glad to hear there will be another dog book….that makes my day. I have a question for anyone who might have some sort of answer or suggestion. Drzl, our lurcher, is loosing her fur on the hind legs from the “knee” on down to the “ankle.” It isn’t bare, just very thin there. Any ideas why this would happen? She has great food, sleeps on her own bed, and runs like a rocket. I just don’t get it. Here’s a photo of her running just yesterday:

    I’d appreciate any info you have. If necessary I’ll whisk her off to the vet again. (She hates it!)

    I’ll keep checking to see when the new book will be out!!!!

  2. Blue Sunday for Rovers? No. Certainly not. I guess we shouldn’t complain with a point each. We got 3 at Bolton and 0 at Fulham. Solid mid-table form.
    I think Burnley are on the slide.

  3. makemeadiva says:

    Hi Patty, I liked your pics of Drzl – surely too healthy for it to be too serious I hope? There are so many causes of hair loss it is difficult to say. If it isn’t irritating her I would just check it out with the vet on a routine visit?

    Thanks for the link Mr Foster! I had a thought today about Staffs – a breed I don’t like generally but who suffer from “underclass” connotations (a word I definitely don’t like!). Could you address this in your book – staff with hoodie in positive way? Or summat.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    You’re safe. I think Burnley’s home form will save them, though how is it that I am somewhat unsurprised to find a Blues fan anticipating a Claret demise… : )

  5. Jan says:

    Staffs are Ollie’s favourite breed cos they play rough and he loves it!! Our other dog, Dudley didnt get on with them at all because he made a lot of noise when he played and they used to think he was being aggressive. :/

  6. Burnley have too small a squad is the general feeling. But you never know. I wish them luck. It’s good to have Blackburn, Bolton, and Burnley all in the top flight. Almost like the old days. Now Preston and Blackpool need to make an effort.

    Apropos Preston, I see the Football Museum is moving from Preston North End to some place in Manchester that’s not even a football ground. It seems that 100,000 visitors a year is not enough. They want 300,000 which they reckon they’ll get in Manchester. And so they will. But why don’t they move it to Wembley?

    Dogs. Me bruvver ‘as a Staff. I wouldn’t trust it wiv another dog but he’s reely great with people. Last week I gave him me old toofbrush. He has lots of big white teeth. By the way, Stephen, my daughter’s guide dog is a Labradoodle. He can be a bit of a handful. Looks a bit like Rolf Harris. The dog that is not my daughter.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Gwilym: that’s interesting about your daughter and her guide dog – I read (on wikipedia) that they were first bred with that purpose in mind, by an Austrialian, to help people with allergies to Ladrador hair (as, I think, the poodle puts less hair into the atmosphere.)

    I wondered about that, having met Blue. As I think the post says, he’s a charmer, but right boisterous.

    Do you think you daughter would like to be in a ‘Nation of Dog Lovers Book?’

  8. I hope the book will be available in the US–I’m already looking forward to reading it! One of my friends is involved in raising guide dogs and it’s been very interesting to learn about what’s involved. The raisers are a very tight-knit community.

    Kate from Oregon

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    It’s too early to say that yet Jilly, but I can hope…

  10. I’ll ask and let you know.

  11. OS says:

    Hey up Foster Boy. Axe Swiss about guide dogs and everyfink. One of his best mates and his wife have worked for Guidedogs for the Blind for yonks. Or you needn’t bovver if it’s not relavent. Please yoursen, Boy.

    Hi Patty. Losing hair in a particular place can be down to a number of reasons. If she’s licking them, suspect an allergy or a skin infection. Corn in the feed can be a possible cause. If you don’t want to take her to the vets, try doing a ‘Google’ because I’m sure you’ll not be the only dog owner who may have had such problems. Lovely picture, BTW.

    Take care. M. XX

    makemeadiva. Lovely picture and I can see the roguishness in his eyes. And people wonder why we love them! That picture tells a tale.


  12. makemeadiva says:

    Hi OS, thank you for saying so. As of today he is up to his neck in rogueishness. One advent calendar scoffed, one to go!

  13. My daughter’s Labradoodle has now shaken his head. I think he likes the quiet life. And who can blame him.
    Thanks for the offer and much good luck with the book,

  14. Stephen Foster says:

    No problem Gwilym, and thanks for the good wishes.

  15. Patty says:

    Hi OS!! I had to take Drzl over to the groomer today (’cause she ran through a bog, yuk!) and I asked them about her licking her legs. They said Lurchers are very high energy (imagine that) and also very intellligent. She does only lick her legs when she’s lying about the palace. So I guess I need to spend more time playing with her, running her through the woods, and keeping her mind active. Else she’ll get bored and go back to licking away on her legs. They did say if she licked clear through to the skin they would need to take another look to see if she needs medication, etc., but as they are now the vet says she is fine….a picture of health he said. Thanks for everyone’s advice.

    And Stephen, I’m certain the book will be a hit here in the US…..can’t wait to get my paws on it.

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