In with a bullet

All Time Goal Celebrations

1. The Tango Tribute

Took place at Eastlands today when cheeky Cockney chappy Jimmy Bullard, having scored a late penalty to level the scores at 1-1, collected his team mates and re-created the infamous moment from a year ago when manager Phil ‘Tango’ Brown sat his side down in the penalty box when they were 4-0 down at half-time and ticked them off. It was a joy to behold, and you could not have had a better actor to play the part of Tango than artful dodger Bullard who did an excellent job of pointing at people.

This pushes the previous number One (from obscure Book of Lists: Football) to second:

2. The Dying Swan

Jürgen Klinsmann joined Tottenham Hotspur in 1994 following performances in successive World Cup tournaments – Italia ’90 and USA ’94 – during which his fame as the Diver’s Diver reached global proportions, nowhere more so than in England where supporters are on permanent red alert for skulduggery from Ze Germans. Klinsmann scored his first goal for Spurs away at Sheffield Wednesday; in an inspired choreographed gesture, which won over a significant amount of the non-partisan, he celebrated by running to the touchline and performing a self-mocking cartoon bellyflop, just ahead of his teammates, who piled in behind following suit.

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2 Responses to In with a bullet

  1. OS says:

    T’was truly brilliant and put two fingers up to many people. Well done all the Hull players and especially Bullard who is such a likeable character. Like you, winger, I cherish such moments.


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    We are a sentimental pair of spooney old fools.

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