The Ballet Rambert

Come to the Norwich Theatre Royal most years and tonight was the night. The Rambert Dance Company (proper title) are the best things on legs and we are most uplifted. (This post is intended to provoke a certain amount of outrage from OS regarding roots betrayal and the depravity of middle-class gayness to which I have sunken.)

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  1. Geraldine says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed that.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    If you ever get the chance to see them Geraldine i can’t recommend it highly enough.

  3. calvininjax says:

    Never saw them live but they were always a joy to watch when they appeared on TV.

    I think L’Oréal has something for roots betrayal. You know you are worth it. 😉

  4. johnnyneptune says:

    ballet? shudder.. you’ve gone too far this time foster.

    ps. i done a blog.

  5. OS says:

    My sentiments that ‘you’ve betrayed your roots’ are made off the cuff. In actual fact, you were born a Middle Class Gayer, which would have happened whether you were born in Stoke or Surrey. You are what you are and so am I. What will surprise you (and other MCG’s) is that appreciation of the arts is not exclusive to MCG’s or even UCG’s. (Is this getting too deep for you?) Art is individual and just because you poke a ballet at me, which I didn’t particularly enjoy, doesn’t mean anything except that you like ballet and I don’t – particularly.

    Shock, horror…I take my granddaughter to the theatre as often as I can! My oh my! Oldstokie, that bastion of the Working Class Gayers is selling his social soul to the arts. He even likes Auguste Macke ferfuxache! Aaaaggghhh! That shouldn’t happen to working class folk. All they like is footy and and a pie and a pint. It’s what they do these working classes.

    A little anecdote. 😉

    I was sat at a table in Portugal recently at the home of friends of my dear friends and also at the table was a guy and his wife who I hadn’t met before. He was a slick guy and when he told me that his roots were ‘an East End Boy’, I wasn’t surprised. He was quite a character with the most striking blue eyes 😉 and owns a chain of shoe shops in Portugal and Spain. He asked me where I came from. I told him.

    Hey-ho, (as swiss often says) out came the usual “I suppose you keep pigeons.” (True!)

    He had a twinkle in his lovely blue eyes when he said it so I gave him both barrels. “Dead right I do, but you forgot the whippets and the flat cap, Wide-Boy!!!”

    The table went sort of quiet. He stared at me, burst out laughing and then threw his serviette at me. He’d met his match, just as you have, Boy. From that moment on, pretty much like our friendship, the meal went swimmingly, pretty much as our friendship has. Dual passports are not exclusive to MCG’s.

    The moral of this anecdote is just because you have pretensions of fuffing grandeur because you like ballet, be careful you don’t stuff that pretension up the wrong hole, because if you do, you’re likely to get covered in shyte when I fart.

    I love you like a son, and because I do, I can talk to you like a father to a naughty child. Same goes for Eli. You two are very similar but he tends to blast and you are more subtle. Either way, it’s water off a duck’s back. Now do one! 😉

    GGOS. XXXng.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    You haven’t let me down there Pops ; ) Now get thee ferrett awt and hunt thee sen some tea.

    nb Show Sam & TTB that dancing, I bet they love it. Even Swiss will give it the grudging respect. There’ll only be you left soon.

  7. makemeadiva says:

    Carlos Acosta & Tamara Rojo v Mrs Tiggywindle & Jeremy Fisher?

    The hedgehog every time 😉

  8. makemeadiva says:

    Tiggywinkle – tut

  9. sean evans says:

    the other post is too old for you to look at it so ill ask u on this one..
    was the shop that u displayed ASLNM barker & jones by any chance?

  10. Daftburger says:

    Arv sayne mooor breast on a chicken!

  11. Geraldine says:

    It was indeed, Sean!

  12. Stephen Foster says:

    Well well! That’s a coincidence is it not?

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    Quiet daftburger you pfilistine.

  14. Geraldine says:

    It would be even more of an (extraordinary) coinicidence if it was Sean who bought the book! Time to tell us Sean – did you buy it in Naas or in Dublin?

  15. sean evans says:

    naas,barker and jones!haha what an amazing coincidence!

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