No Paparazzi

We don’t own a tripod, possibly because most of the use I make of the camera is in the photographing of dogs and dogs aren’t all that big into sitting still and posing. However, with the flash off, and using my knee as a rest, Trezza took this rather striking shot of Dylan last night. He is still a juvenille in most of his ways (he is three-and-a-quarter yrs now) but compared to his face on the masthead shot you can see he is older and more thoughtful. Or is that just a trick of the light?


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7 Responses to No Paparazzi

  1. calvininjax says:

    Using the natural light makes this picture a warm mellow monochrome in keeping with Dylan’s über-relaxed pose.

    A lovely photograph.

    PS Margaret says Dylan needs to have his claws clipped. I told her that Dylan needs them for grip when he is running at 60mph on soft ground.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    If Margaret wants to come round and have a go at clipping Dylan’s claws she’s welcome to try :–)

    Actually he does a lot of bitting his nails in that very stance he has there. I’d say you’re right – he keeps them at the perfect length to achieve purchase when he’s in top gear & the going is on the soft side.

  3. makemeadiva says:

    I’d warrant his back feet claws are properly short. That’s today’s NAP!

    Like the photo 🙂

  4. makemeadiva says:

    oops – obviously I mean hind hooves…

  5. OS says:

    That pose I understand perfectly, Dylan…I know what you’re thinking. I thought exactly the same in the Hotel Clarion in Berlin when winger, Eli Grumpy, Swiss and Mr Pink were discussing the merits (or otherwise) of 70’s music. You and I will have a chat on the dunes at Winterton when next I’m over. 😉


  6. Jan says:

    Dylan is a lovely looking boy! 🙂
    I wish I lived near Norfolk so I could meet him.
    I remember visiting Winterton about fifteen years ago when our girls were small, and we loved it there. It was such a wild sort of a place and there were hardly any people about! I cannot stand packed beaches!
    My dogs would love it there!

  7. chiffs says:

    Hi Jan,
    I’ve just gone and had a look at your dogs, Ollie and Carey – very lovely! Your Ollie reminded me of our Ollie who also didn’t swim, but he would go in the sea, and sit there with his head and neck poking out like the Loch Ness monster. Yours look like doberman and . . . bear? Fabulous!

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