Ed Ruscha

I received a text from Johnny Neptune this afternoon (I was ironing a shirt at the time). He asked was it me who liked this Ed Ruscha, as he had just passed by a poster at the Hayward Gallery with a picture of a petrol station and some straight lines. Though it was not me who liked him (I confess I had never heard of him) it certainly sounded my kind of thing. Here is one of the first images I found on a search. Gothic, modernist, atmospheric and brilliant it’s narrative meeting abstraction (this last bit of text may have crossed my vision somewhere on the Hayward site). The media is a silver gelatin photo print I believe, called Gas Stations. To me it says Gerhard Richter meets Edward Hopper, which will certainly do for starters. I think I’ll be going to have a look at the exhibition, not least because one of the pictures in the image preview on the Hayward Gallery website is of a plain industrial building with the words ‘Fat Boy’ written on it. Postcards of that would clearly be easy to press into use.


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2 Responses to Ed Ruscha

  1. johnnyneptune says:

    this is what was on the posters

    glad you like 🙂

  2. OS says:

    I don’t understand all the gobbldygook you chaps use about this sort of stuff but both the picture above and the one Johnny linked to, flick my switches. Superb.


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