False Start

I learned while lounging about watching University Challenge tonight that this painting below, False Start by Jasper Johns, is (or possibly was) the piece that fetched the highest price for the work of a living artist. It was sold by music business mogul David Geffen for about $80milion dollars in 2006 (to the Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel Investment Group). Well done for keeping up the highbrow end Messers Johns, Geffen & Citadel; that’s the equivalent of two Euromillion Lottery wins (zero numbers out of six for us as usual, but I’ll know what to blow it all on [half of] when they come up.)


1959, Oil on canvas, 67″x 54″
(3618 square inches; works out at $22,112 per square inch)

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2 Responses to False Start

  1. Colin says:

    Reminds me of a Norwich City goalkeeper jersey from the early 90’s.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I remember that shirt, it was one that Gunn wore wasn’t it.

    You also had the repulsive ‘broccoli and parsley sauce puke’ strip for the outfield players around that time too…

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