Gerhard Richter

Is up there with my absolute favourite painters. He is that rare thing, a virtuoso in several fields. He does expressive abstraction like the picture below, he is probably the best photorealist alive, and then he does hard graphic work with edges made with masking tape. Beyond that, he is political and has something to say. If I wished I was somebody else, or that I produced the work of someone else at least, his might well be it.


Abstraktes Bild 742-2, 1991

And then he is quite diverting with the rattle: I like everything that has no style: dictionairies, photographs, nature, myself and my paintings. (Because style is violence, and I am not violent.)

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5 Responses to Gerhard Richter

  1. kseverny says:

    i see what you mean.
    a true talent

  2. Lynne Parman says:

    Hello Stephen Foster. I came across your website while mooching around for stuff on Gerhard Richter and there it all was, not only Richter who I love, but Bob Dylan, Johny Cash, beautiful animals, cooking, Moma gallery, which I was looking at the other day. Is there more? I will carry on looking! I am a mature art student currently doing a BA. I work with abstraction and I am currently dabbling in abstract photography, projecting images…..reflections, shadows. I feel as if I know you, will you marry me? Only kidding. You now sit in my favourites so I will visit you often. X

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Hello! Welcome to the blog. As this is the blog’s first proposal it would be rude to refuse. D’you want a big fancy do or what? x

    The beautiful grey animal is also called Dylan.

  4. Lynne says:

    Hi! Just found your reply! First proposal! I feel special. A small do would be cool me thinks.
    I am so new to this blogging business, I feel a bit strange looking at my name and message up there for all to see. Mmmmm…..not sure if I like. Should’ve used a another name I guess.
    Your dogs are just stunning! x

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    You can probably re-register and get a new, er, handle. I think it’s more technically your first acceptance : )

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