I’ve been parodied!

I feel as though I’ve really arrived! This is from some splinter ‘satirical’ website, a deviant tangent to a dead-on-its-feet football messageboard that I sometimes frequent in order to trade abuse with lower league types and to plagiarise their sayings for bits of my books. The deviant website will soon be no more because yahoo is closing down the early-days web platform ‘GeoCities.’ So, while I accept that all we are talking about is a soon-to-be-defunct micropore of fluff embedded deep within the navel of the internet, so what? : a spoof is a still a spoof and I’m counting it in as a big day for Foster, S, aka Miggs, D.


The original and best :–)

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6 Responses to I’ve been parodied!

  1. johnnyneptune says:

    that was about 5 years ago. before ddm died fighting a dragon on bunny hill. obviously

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    I only came across it yesterday so to me it is brand new. Here, then, is the world that Jean Baudrillard predicts, but perhaps he was only copying JG Ballard (if they weren’t, in fact, one and the same simulacreation of the same person.)

  3. mum says:

    To all blog readers lovely to meet some of you at the two weekends 🙂
    We leave for Spain on the 8.00 pm ferry tomorrow night so next blog reading will be in the sunshine hopefully ! Will miss the matches at the Brit but will be watching in a local bar 🙂
    Now you have been parodied you realy have arrived ( famous son ) lol x

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Bon voyage mam. x

  5. OS says:

    DDM was the greatest world hero ever. Superman: Captain Marvel: Tony Blair…they were all puny compared to Desperate Dan Miggs aka Vale66. RIP Dan, and may your haggis plunder all the wenches in heaven.

    Have a great time, Mam. XXX


  6. chiffs says:

    Bon voyage you two!
    John – best sausage sandwiches on the planet, thank you, Carole best half-time pick-me-up in the universe, and I was only looking at it. ‘C’mon Ricky!’ still ringing in my ears.

    Parody? I think it’s a tribute.

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